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My daughter, my son and I wear our pendants everyday. I feel protected and empowered when I do. The first time I touched my pendant I felt like I was on a high. The feeling lasted for longer than 24hours. Colours were brighter and an incredible feeling of joy. I also use the Light Stream Wand and experienced pain relief. I had hip displacement after my second pregnancy and using the wand on the targeted area helped. I am now completely pain free!

Sharika Bisnath

Meditating over 10 years, I felt incredible at putting the Pendant on for the first time and it has given me an markedly different feeling in my body as never before believed was possible.  I've seen many demonstrations of the intensity readings of your pendants and the "knowing" what I'm wearing definitely gives me an advantage at manifesting what it's doing to my body, mind and soul!  You are what I promote for the World, David.  Your family is Gold, pure and simple, thank you for being here with us! 

Lamont Daigle

I have the SUN RAY - Lapis Luzuli  since having this Pendant I have had very strong experiences with in dream state and my mind feels expanded with it on with more psychic ability and the second pendant I got was the Sun Ray Red Jasper this one makes me more energetic when I have something physical to do makes my decision making more clearer.

Logan Munroe

This is pure genius! We have a priceless treasure here! Do you want to turn your system on and become functional as an evolved being? The work contained herein is of the highest caliber to be found, better than the secret! This is more than a concept or a way to process information, it is a way to tune and upgrade your body and mind with your higher consciousness and energy bodies. This is it, the keys to mastery and expansion on a level that has never been done before. 

Merlee B.

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