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Best PEMF Device - Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Machine

Providing the Most Affordable and Best PEMF Device that will suits to you 

Best PEMF Device - Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Machine

The Mantra Coil Is One Of The Most Powerful Magnetic Field Generators with a 3 Story Deep Coil relay that can produce a magnetic field of 8,000 Milliguass!  This dwarfs the field of a Rodin Coil!

They can be used underneath your bed, mounted on a wall or as a glass top table. The dynamics of the field are very special and beyond anything we offer! The small unit can treat water and food and be used for self help.

Placing your own crystal in the eye of the vortex adds amazing energy to the transmitter! We do not sell these but can direct you to where to get one.

With the harmful effects of nuclear radiation from Japan killing and threatening marine mammals and life throughout the pacific ocean, David Sereda believes using water submersible transmitters in the ocean and transmitting harmonic frequencies is the best way to restore the devastation.

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