David Sereda SOAP series #7

My out of body experience...

Theres nothing like hitting the “zone" when meditating…
Through regular practice, meditating has taken me on amazing journeys, experiencing things I could only have dreamt of.
But my out of body experience is one I remember vividly ’til this day.


I was meditating for 12 hours a day, split into 1 hour intervals with a  5 minute break.
I have climbed mountains, skied down slopes, jumped off cliffs…
But nothing was as hard as holding posture whilst meditating for this long.
My body was aching!
Then suddenly I felt an explosion of ecstasy in my belly…
It was so intense, I immediately started laughing hysterically. So loud, I had to leave the room to avoid disturbing other meditating around me.
As I walked outside in a grassy field and it was as if I didn't have a body anymore. I was in ethereal space. I was one with nature.
It felt as if I was the wind, blowing between the trees.
I could feel it, as it if it was my own face.
In this extended consciousness, crows were walking on grass. But it tickled me, because it was as if they were walking on me.
Suddenly, I could hear “ohm", the all-pervading sound of the universe.
I could hear every plant, every blade of grass, every tree. I could hear the high pitched frequencies of the sun which blended with the sound of Ohm to create a wonderful symphony.
I was no longer body. I was made from fire consciousness.
Name, I have a quick question for you.
Does water have consciousness?
Let me know what you think.
Look out for my email tomorrow, where I’ll answer that question.
Talk soon,

-David Sereda

P.S. Watch this video where I tell my story..