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Brainwave Frequencies

Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma Brain Waves Uses Gamma brainwaves are the fastest documented brainwave frequency range, which oscillate within the range of about 30 to 100 Hz. They have the smallest amplitude on an E.E.G. in comparison to the other four basic types

Delta Brain Waves

Delta Brain Waves Side Effects   Delta brain waves are the slowest, mysterious, most trippy and least understood of all of the natural brain wave states. Frankly, delta is a pretty mysterious place to be. What we do know is

Beta Brain Waves

Beta Brain Waves Benefits The beta brain waves are one of the four main brain waves (the other ones are alpha theta and delta brain waves). Our brain is at all times in a specific brain wave state. When we

Alpha Brain Waves

Alpha Brain Waves Benefits The Alpha brainwave state is actually considered the brain’s most normal functioning state. But, we seem to spend less and less time functioning in alpha. One consequence of this is the brain actually forgets how to

Theta Healing

Theta Healing Meditation One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, Theta Healing is a process of meditation that we believe creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, we