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Beta Brain Waves

Beta Brain Waves Benefits

The beta brain waves are one of the four main brain waves (the other ones are alpha theta and delta brain waves). Our brain is at all times in a specific brain wave state. When we are awake and doing our job, study, solve math problems and so on, we are normally in the Beta brainwave state.

Beta brain waves mainly occur, when we are awake and doing a task that involves active thinking. For example, students in school or university will display many on an EEG (an EEG is an instrument that is used to measure brain waves), as long as they are paying attention. Also, people in a job will mostly show many beta brain waves. As a counter example, people watching TV are in a rather relaxed state and will not have that many beta brain waves.

The range of beta waves is from approximately 13 Hz to nearly 40 Hz. They typically have a high amplitude.

Beta waves are linked to the conscious mind. In meditation, it is very advisable to make the meditative experience “conscious” by talking about it, writing it down, and so on. Normally, one slows down the brain and ideally, all the beta brain waves vanish (this is not true for analytical meditations and for meditations that involve words by either listening to them of thinking of them). Meditators experience each meditation individually (states of ecstasy, insight, inspiration, relaxation and so on), but these experiences can be forgotten very fast after the meditation is finished. The reason is we were not really conscious right after the end of it, our brain waves were still alpha and theta waves and the experiences stay “subconscious” (the theta brain wave state is linked to the subconscious mind) if we do not “bring the to light”. This can be very beneficial for any meditator!

Beta Brain Waves

Benefits of Betawaves

There are a number of benefits of having a healthy amount of beta brainwaves or increasing them:

  • Concentration: When we concentrate, we have plenty of beta waves. When you can not really focus on something for any reason it is advisable to listen to beta binaural beats in order to stimulate your brain to go into concentration mode.
  • Motivator: It is said that increasing beta waves in students, who are demotivated with studying, can be a true motivation boost. I can confirm (amongst many other people) this claim. If you are ever bored with homework and exams I recommend you listening to beta binaural beats.
  • Enhancement of language and reading skills: Studies have shown that if people are exposed to beta binaural beats for a certain period of time, they can increase the lingiustic skills of an individual (besides concentration and mathematical thinking). These experiements can be found on the internet.
  • Effective treatment for ADD: EEGs have shown that children with ADD have little to no beta brain wave activity. So, it is very hard for such children to stay focused on a task. Studies have shown that if such children are exposed to beta binaural beats, they will eventually become more focused and ADD vanishes, as their brain starts to produce beta brain wave states automatically and naturally.

Beta Brain Waves