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Crystal Energy Pendants Frequency Healing by David Sereda

How Crystal Energy Pendants will transform your Life

We call them the solar logos this is 2 inches this is 1 inch so this is great for kids and dogs and pets cats and babies and people who like delicate things.  It's a sheet of aluminum is a great conductor. When you laser a groove an actual groove and a conductor. When it gets charged by any form of electromagnetism the electrons will travel in the grooves the unbound electrons will and because I have some quartz real course. There's a quarter inch of course touching it I've got lots of free electrons that are unbound that are going to jump around in those grooves, because they're sandwich ok so it creates a harmonic.

It's the harmonic resonator now if I was using plastic and I just printed that image on there that wouldn't happen so there's a thirty thousand dollar laser. We use to do this so it's not not cheap to do it and the same thing you know when you have geometry in your silver this is my trillion design. You're creating a vortex wave pattern you're talking this is very weak energy the body's very weak energy the human heart is extremely weak energy compared to what we're used to in appliances but this body is so sensitive that little changes on the Nano or even the micro than the Nano and even the all the way down to the femto which is a quadrillions of a meter scale of a wave changes on those scales really affect consciousness really affect how good our thinking process is and that's probably why a lot of priests and different temples and different ancient world systems use semiconductors stone in their temples they used it on the body and now you know we wear rubber shoes.