Faster Than Light Travel? Ancient Technology Documentary

Discovered Documentary: Faster Than Light Travel?


On the night of January the 10th 2000, David Sereda was visited by three angelic beings of light who taught him a Revolutionary vortex wave frequency model called the galaxy clock which could mathematically prove faster than white energies and higher vortex dimensional states of matter where communications and spacecraft could travel faster than the speed of light. Months later when David Sereda was analyzing NASA UFO tapes from the space shuttle mission STS 75 dated February 1996. We could see luminous circular UFOs pulsing with energy waves surrounding a 12 mile long quarter-mile wide ionized magnetic field tethered satellite at this exact moment in time that NASA space shuttle was traveling in the space above northwest Africa and right over the pyramids of Egypt. 

Zooming in and slowing down on the footage frame by frame we could see the waveforms for the first time a perfect vortex spiral radiating out of the mini black hole in the center of the luminous UFO. Were the UFOs utilizing mini black hole vortex waveforms for their propulsion systems were they capable of opening a mini black hole for faster than light travel months later in July 2006 a crop circle across from Stonehenge England appeared with an identical vortex spiral could the balls of light witness creating crop circles be the same balls of light that were visiting the NASA astronauts in space and the same beings of light who appeared to David sarita in the year 2000 are the crop circle vortex geometries the same teachings as those found in the galaxy clock after David Sarita's Galaxy clock vortex math Theory had millions of views in the year 2001 on the internet video sites around the world within a few years.

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