The Lost Music Scale of the Pyramids - Sound Frequency Healing

Fundamentals of Pyramid - Frequency of Healing


In the 5th century BC Pythagoras taught three levels of harmonic music one the music of the inner self her body of a person as the musica Humana. He taught the music of human made instruments as instrument Alice and three the music of the spheres planets stars in the cosmos as musica. Mandana the music of the Humana our human body is the basis for how the human living instrument can be tuned to allow it to harmonize with the great spheres of nature. Planets the stars in the cosmos so that it can expand its awareness to experience it and receive wisdom and knowledge from the heavens beyond Earth in order to get the human instrument to expand its small sphere of consciousness humans made musical instruments that are tuned to various music scales the goal is to find the perfect scale to tune the listener so that they too might have an experience of expansive cosmic heavenly peace.

Beethoven wrote the ninth symphony while he was completely deaf to human sound but completely absorbed in the music of his ability to hear beyond the human ear into realms of Pythagorean music of the spheres historically music scales have evolved from three six and seven tones to the point of today's twelve tones of the modern chromatic scale with the possibility of eight octaves of the same twelve tones musical instruments are tuned to a perfection that equals an actual mathematical frequency range for all 12 notes of the chromatic scale if we listen to an ascending set of tones based on perfect frequencies for each of the twelve tones we can hear that when played together they audibly distort or wobble in the space between them

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