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Rife Machine Comparison Review GB4000 vs Light Stream Wand

Review GB4000 vs Light Stream Wand

Rife Machine Comparison Review: GB4000 vs Light Stream Wand


How does one shield the body from the electrical and magnetic energy released by various modern technologies?

Rife Frequency Machine healing has been popularly used to treat many such conditions, including cancer.

You can use the Rife Machine by connecting yourself to it. Place the electric pads attached to the machine on your hands and feet, to allow the electrical impulses to reach your body.

A Rife machine, in general, can cost you a few thousand dollars. However, David’s Light Stream Wand is a superior method of delivering Rife frequencies into the body passively via a magnetic field.

This scientifically tested pathbreaking product enables each one of us to be in control of our frequencies. Treatment with the Light Stream Wand helps you achieve a better state of mind, enhances your aura, and rejuvenates and harmonizes your DNA. It also lets you improve your food, vitamins, and even water.

Many people across the world have benefitted from the Light Stream Wand. They have used it to cure specific diseases such as cancer and Lyme. All the users also reported better health and alacrity.

The Light Stream Wand makes your aura whole again. It ensures that you feel as wonderful as you look. In short, it expands your consciousness, health, beauty, and intelligence.

The Light Stream Wand is 30 times more effective than any Rife machine. It can operate much more programmes as compared to a Rife machine. It is a compelling product for mind and body enhancement. You can buy one at a fraction of the price of a Rife frequency generator machine.

But the GB4000 is just intended to run independent, without the help of outside programming (in spite of the fact that it comes with simple programming, examined underneath). This might be an issue for a few people (it was for me), since it requires doing nearly everything physically in the equipment amid utilize, which can be a great deal of catch pushing. The producer says the greater part of his clients run independent and don't need the multifaceted nature of programming.



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Light Stream™ Wand VS.






Light Stream™ Wand

Hymbas BCX Ultra

Capable of Using Metal Hand Cylinders.

(Not necessary)

Frequency Range in Hertz.

60,000,000 Hertz (60 million)

20,000,000 Hertz (20 million)

Power level. (approximate)

Up to 2000 watts (with amplifier)

Variable to 15 watts maximum

Produces the same harmonics as a Ray tube.

Analog and Digital Frequencies

(Analog only)

Vortex Rotational Electromagnetic Field

No Plastic Ions (Natural Metal And Gem Construction)

Plastic Construction

Ruby, Tourmaline & Quartz Gem Ion Emitter

Quantum Geometric Windings

Rife Frequencies



Quantum Frequencies

122 Frequencies Available

External Signal Generator (easy to replace)

Easy Portability

Maintenance Free

Can use to enhance drinking water, supplements and meals

Altered states of consciousness (like meditation)

Used for brainwave enhancement

Generous Warrantee

Money Back Guarantee

Final Results