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David Sereda SOAP series #1

How I went to heaven and back... 

November 22nd 1986…

My life changed forever.

I was meditating every day for 2 to 3 hours, sometimes even 6 hours for 7 years straight.

But it wasn’t until this day, I had experienced anything like this.

Midway from my daily afternoon session, I was struck by a heavy force…

So strong, it felt like I was dying.


Instantaneously, I fell into what felt like another dimension.

I was in this vision of a poor house in the middle of the dessert…

An old man seemed to be dying on a bed, surrounded by women who were praying over his body.

All of a sudden this man got up and asked me "Do you want to see an angel?

I said Yes…

The second I responded, white lightening came from above.

There was a thunderous pulsing wind, almost like an earthquake, with angels singing. 

It was the voice of God.

I was in the presence of God.

I was in such a powerful presence that I felt complete scared and my legs, my and my arms became paralyzed.

But as soon as I surrendered to this force, I felt euphoric. 

There was so much ecstasy and love now exploding from inside of this light.

I was carried upwards above the city, above the earth and ascended through six heavens.

As I approached the edge of the seventh, I knew that if I cross that point something was going to happen…

Something that was so massive so beyond my abilities that I felt that my physical body would terminate on the ground below and I wouldn't be able to come back to tell people that the kingdom of heaven is real.

With over 38 years of meditation, I have been able to reach higher levels of consciousness that most people would believe. 

And you too can reach these levels, without having to meditate for years and years like I did. 

Would you like to know how I did it?

If so, then look for my email tomorrow . . .

I’m gonna show you what I learnt from the Angels on my journey.

So, look for tomorrow’s email, the subject line is “[2 of 4] 3 Angels Showed Me This Technology…”


-David Sereda
"The guy that went to Heaven and back"

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