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Getting Started With Your Light Stream Wand Files

How to use your Powerful Light Stream Wand 

hello and congratulations on ordering your light stream one here's a tutorial video to show you how to get started once you get your wand on your Thank You page.

There's a link that opens a text file and a text file will include these links so here is the first link is the light one materials link. When you click that it will open a Google Drive and we'll go back to the Google Drive in a second also on here is your like Wand training videos.

These are YouTube videos a video on how to download content frequencies, how to set up your like one system, how to use your live stream one and an entire playlist of many other videos that you can use and watch to help you use your live stream one also here are some of the tone generator software links so if you have a Mac you can use this and purchase the tone generator called a black cat system software or about twenty dollars and if you have a Mac or PC there's an alternate version of the tone generator you can get is this one is called NCH and you can get that software for about 25 bucks.

If you want to purchase more quantum frequencies. Which I'll explain later you can go to this link and if you wanted to purchase additional rife healing frequencies. You can go to this link here so now let's go on to the Google Drive so once you click on a Google Drive link you will see files here these are the PDF files the audio training files and the download links a PDF brochure and also the right frequency list here in the folders you'll see David’s quantum frequency sampler pack and also the David Sereda right frequency sampler pack so wireless  

I would start with the training audio and if you haven't watched a YouTube video yet, this will be another thing to use to get trained up watch this and you may also want to open this one so you can download the frequencies.

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