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Light Stream™ for Cancer?

Light Stream™ System Success Stories - Cancer Survivor Testimonials

Light Stream™ System: Cancer Survivors and Their Stories of Hope   Success Stories Of The Light Stream™ Wand - Cancer, High Blood Pressure, ADD, R...

Rife Frequencies for Cancer

Quantum Detox -Meditation Music – Full Body Detoxification – Rife Frequencies – Binaural Beats Magnetic Minds: This video contains frequencies which will greatly assist in Full Body Detoxification … Rife Frequencies for Cancer Cure Rife Frequencies for Cancer Cure

Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Endometrial Cancer Treatment Protocols Treatment Protocols Treatment protocols for endometrial cancer are provided below, including the following: General treatment recommendations Recommendations for limited, metastatic, recurrent, and high-risk disease Risk classifications General treatment recommendations for endometrial cancer See the list below:

Oral Cancer Treatment

Oral Cancer Treatment Natural Oral cancer involves cancer of the mouth and throat. Most oral cancers are found in the tongue. Signs of oral cancer include mouth ulcers which do not heal, bleeding from the mouth as well as appearance

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Stage 4 Key points 1 Lymphoma is a group of blood cancers that can develop in your lymphatic system. 2 There are two main types, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). 3 The symptoms, treatment options, and

Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy Blood Cancer/Leukemia is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells called “blasts”. Leukemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases.

Tongue Cancer Treatment

Tongue Cancer Treatment Options Tongue cancer Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer that forms in the front two-thirds of the tongue. Cancer that forms in the back one third of the tongue is considered a type of head

Mouth Cancer Treatment

Mouth Cancer Treatment Options Diagnosis Tests and procedures used to diagnose mouth cancer include: Physical exam. Your doctor or dentist will examine your lips and mouth to look for abnormalities– areas of irritation, such as sores and white patches (leukoplakia).

Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain Cancer Treatment Stage 4 The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2010, doctors will diagnose 22,020 people in the United States with a brain tumor. These brain tumors can be benign or malignant. If a patient has a cancerous

Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment Protocols Normally, cells live, grow and die in a predictable way. Cancer occurs when certain cells in the body keep dividing and forming more cells without the ability to stop this process. Chemotherapy protocols involve destroying cancer

Throat Cancer Treatment

Throat Cancer Treatment Success Rate Throat cancer is a serious type of cancer. It occurs in the area of the throat. The tumor of this cancer develops in the inner lining of the throat and creates blockage. In future stages,

Testicular Cancer Treatment

Testicular Cancer Treatment Regimen General Information About Testicular Cancer KEY POINTS Testicular cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of one or both testicles. Health history can affect the risk of testicular cancer. Signs