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Lucid Dreaming Mask

Lucid Dreaming Mask 2017

Do you want to become a pro at lucid dreaming? Have you struggled in your efforts thus far? Perhaps you need a little help to steer you in the right direction. That’s where lucid dreaming masks can help. In this post, you’ll discover the best lucid dreaming masks to take your practice to the next level and provide you with some interesting background information about these special masks.

What is Lucid Dreaming?
Long a topic of interest by neurologists, psychologists, and other researchers dedicated to the study of sleep, lucid dreaming can range in scope from simply realizing you’re in a dream, to being able to control your surroundings, actions, and even other people’s actions in a dream (source). Avid lucid dreamers purport they’re able to tap into their subconscious minds, sleep more soundly, and even act out desires they would otherwise not attempt in a real world setting.

What Are Lucid Dreaming Masks?
While movies like Inception popularized the idea of lucid dreaming, the jury is out on how best to engage in the practice. For example, some people swear by special supplements to help induce lucid dreams. Others simply follow the advice laid out in popular training books …

And then we come to lucid dreaming masks– a product designed to heighten your experience of lucid dreams by blocking external stimuli from your vision and help with dream recall afterward.

Different masks offer different features, including synchronized ambient lighting designed to stimulate REM sleep, to full monitoring of your sleep cycle accessible via smart devices. While the former helps induce lucid dreaming, the latter helps you better assess your practice.

Lucid Dreaming Mask

How Does a Lucid Dreaming Mask Benefit You?
While it’s possible to achieve a lucid dream state without the use of specially designed masks, they make the job easier by providing better conditions for lucid dreaming to occur. Plus, they double-up as regular sleep masks to help block light emitted from televisions, reading lights, and other light sources. Some also include noise-canceling earplugs to diminish room sounds.

Lucid Dreaming Mask