AUM Meditation

AUM Meditation

AUM is a part of God — it is the heavenly imaginative vibration of the entire universe. Everything in creation is vibrating with God's energy. AUM is the sound made by the vibration of God's essence inside us and surrounding us. Where there is vibration, there is sound, and if there is sound, we can prepare ourselves to see it, to "hear" it, and to adjust ourselves to it, along these lines really uplifting our own vibrations — changing ourselves from material, inner self focused creatures, into superconscious, free souls. The AUM method offers a logical method to tune in and cooperative with the sound of AUM.

Customarily in India, AUM is the third part of the three-overlap nature of God or Satchidananda (Sat, regularly existing; Chid, ever-cognizant; Ananda, ever-new satisfaction). This three-overlap nature is called as Sat, Tat, and AUM. Sat speaks to the God past creation, uninvolved and mysterious through common human cognizance. Sat is widespread, ageless, shapeless, inescapable, omniscient, and ubiquitous.

Whenever God (Sat) showed the universe, the main "building pieces" accessible were development, since before that, there was just unity or flawless stillness. In this manner that one, unmoving Presence "moved" or vibrated and consequently making Maya, or alternate extremes, for example, left and ideal; all over; in and out, dimness and light, et cetera. This development or vibration among alternate extremes is called AUM or now and again called the Divine Mother. Through the Divine Mother (AUM) was conceived the second perspective called Tat, the Son of God or Christ Consciousness, which speaks to the nearness of God inside all creation.

Sat: God past creation

Tat: God inside creation

AUM: The inestimable vibration, making everything conceivable

To go from the comprehensible to the mysterious, to converge into unity with God — this is our awesome predetermination. A productive method to approach God-acknowledgment is through the organization of sound (tuning in for the AUM vibration).

Strangely enough, stable is one of the eight parts of God specified in the way of yoga (cherish, satisfaction, peace, shrewdness, tranquility, power, light, and sound) and really is said to be the best and best method for all the eight to achieve God. Accordingly we re-follow our means back to unity with God, first through seeing God's vibration inside ourselves and all nature (AUM), to God's genuine nearness in ourselves and everything (Tat), to the last freedom and unity to God, both inside and past creation (Sat).

AUM Meditation

Why We Meditate on AUM

The contemplation method called the AUM strategy is a massively intense instrument of God acknowledgment. Through retention in AUM, we soon come to understand that the AUM is the extension between human awareness and Cosmic Consciousness.

There are many names in numerous otherworldly conventions for the AUM, for example, the Comforter, the Faithful Witness, the Amen or Amin, the sound of many waters, and the music of the circles. It has likewise been called: "The loveliest sound in the universe." Everything in the universe vibrates with AUM! The sound of AUM may likewise shape itself into words to control us naturally, increment our innovativeness, and to enable us to keep on deepening our attunement with God. It is genuinely a capable contemplation procedure and will convey extraordinary gifts to the individuals who hone it consistently and reliably.

To put the AUM system into the setting of Paramhansa Yogananda's way of Kriya Yoga, the AUM Technique as educated by Paramhansa Yogananda is the third procedure in the way of Kriya Yoga. The first and second are the Energization Exercises and the Hong-Sau Technique. When you have learned and drilled these initial two strategies for around a half year, it will be the ideal opportunity for you to learn and include this sacrosanct method to the initial two systems.

The Energization Exercises show us to know about prana or cognizant grandiose vitality, to bring a greater amount of it into our bodies and to intentionally immediate as an intense stream of life-constrain it to wherever it is required. Contemplation isn't passive — it takes a lot of vitality!

Be that as it may, awesome measures of vitality are not useful on the off chance that they are excessively scattered or unfocused. In this way we have the Hong-Sau Technique of Concentration, which takes the got together vitality and assists direct and concentrate it on quieting the breath and the brain. Therefore figuring out how to profoundly think and quiet the eager personality, we require something whereupon to focus it, for we turn into that whereupon we focus.

Thus we go to the AUM strategy, which gives us our very own particular quality celestial nature on which to focus, which inevitably enables us to converge into this part of God called the sound of AUM.

AUM Meditation