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Quantum Energy Healing Pendant

Healing Pendant

Healing Pendants Meaning How Did They Use The Healing Stones? The healing stone meanings have been gathered throughout the centuries, in many cases since ancient times. While we do not know for certain exactly when their meanings were discovered, we

Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth

Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth If life exists on Earth, it must also exist on other worlds. The human species is not from Earth We are aliens from outer space, prisoners on Earth, and everything about us provides the

Energy Pendant

Energy Pendant Side Effects 1. What does the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant do? A. Generally, the pendant has been reported to instantly boost energy levels & increase mental fitness. The other reported benefits of the pendant include: increasing stamina, protection

Scalar Pendant

Scalar Pendant Radiation So is the Scalar Pendant Radioactive? With so much information going around about Scalar Pendants emitting Radiation. A great deal of which is coming from uninformed sources, in many cases who have simply found a reading on

Quantum Energy Healing Pendants | EMF Pendants | David Sereda – Light Stream™ Technologies

Quantum energy healing pendants to improve all aspects of your life / Scientifically proven quantum energy healing pendants for holistic wellness Ever thought that the secret to your wellness was locked in stone? Did you know that stones could store