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Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth

Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth

If life exists on Earth, it must also exist on other worlds.

The human species is not from Earth

We are aliens from outer space, prisoners on Earth, and everything about us provides the hard scientific proof needed to verify that. Our ancestors were imprisoned on Earth for very good reasons. However, we have been intentionally misled about our true origin throughout the millenniums. First by religions, then by science.

Our species, known as modern humans, did not evolve on planet Earth, and there is not a shred of hard scientific evidence that exists anywhere on the entire planet to prove that we did. Whether we like it, deny it, accept it, or reject it, our ancestors were exiled and imprisoned on Earth between 50-60,000 years ago. And, while science disagrees that our relatives even exist, it does believe there is a strong probability that life may exist elsewhere in the universe. But, until it can be verified beyond all doubt, the scientific community refuses to state it as fact.

However, logic dictates that it is very probable that the ‘source’ of life did not disperse itself throughout the universe selectively. Therefore, if life exists on Earth, it must also exist on other worlds. There may be life forms that we are unaware of, but the majority of alien life will likely share characteristics with life forms found on Earth. The same creatures that have roamed this planet, and still do, are sure to exist on other planets with similar climatic and environmental conditions. In fact, it was from similar planets that our species was taken. While we may occupy a place in the universe’s evolutionary scale, we did not evolve on Earth. The genealogy and origin of man is entirely extraterrestrial.

Arrested And Banished To Earth.

Before our ancestors were placed on Prison Earth, they lived freely throughout the universe. We are the direct descendants, and distant relatives of the extraterrestrials that still do. We once shared all the rights, responsibilities and technologies of those societies, but at some point in the last 60,000 years our ancestors were arrested and exiled to Earth. The logical reason, based on modern human behavior, was because some Cro-Magnoids (homos sapien sapiens– our ancestors) begin to exhibit insanity and criminal behavior.

Finding an efficient and ‘humane solution’ to coping with persons violating the rights of others became an absolute necessity. Identifying and isolating those who presented problems took place. Our ancestors were arrested and selected for exile. Our different physical characteristics (such as skin color) are the result of evolutionary adaptation to the planets we once populated.

Note: I am often asked why we weren’t simply genetically ‘repaired’ and then reintegrated into society. There are two probable reasons: 1) Forced genetic modification of intelligent life forms is likely considered a horrific intergalactic civil rights violation, and therefore is strictly forbidden, or 2) Previous genetic manipulation went terribly wrong and has been outlawed.


Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth

Conditions For The Exile Were:

prisoners were stripped of all memory of former lives
prisoners received no tools or technology
prisoners were placed on a planet with varied climatic conditions to simulate former worlds
planet to be far away from intergalactic civilization
prisoner contact, aid, or interference with development forbidden
prisoners to be periodically monitored and assessed
The distance from intergalactic society to the selected prison planet was so vast that it would prevent, or at the very least, severely inhibit any interference that could trigger technological development. After the humans were exiled on Earth, monitoring and assessment began. It was agreed that no interference would be offered to protect the prisoners of Earth. However, should the prisoners negative behaviors cease, they would be considered for re-integration into interstellar society. It was hoped that nature would take care of our ‘problem’.

The penal selection committee chose an ideal planet orbiting a star on the far outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy. A massive fleet of UFOs was assembled, our ancestors were loaded onto them, and the long trip toward our destiny of imprisonment on Earth began.

Prisoner transfer began upon our arrival, which was the origin of man, and the beginning of our exile.

Why We Are Imprisoned on Earth