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Quantum Pulse VS Light Stream Mantra Coil Comparison Review

Analysis between Quantum Pulse VS Light Stream Mantra Coil and what is more Effective 


Quantum Pulse VS Light Stream Mantra Coil Comparison Review

The Light Stream Mantra Coil is the only device in the world that has:

Unprecedented Coverage to protect your entire family's home and every living being in it with up to a 100 foot diameter field of effect.

7 Unique Programs for sleep, energy, regeneration, focus, meditation, health, relaxation, subtle life force and more!

Nature's Life Force at Your Fingertip, Light Stream Mantra Coil has powerful healing frequencies hidden in nature are decoded and now accessible to you in your own home!

Non-Invasive and Non-Pharmacological and now finally, become healthy the way nature intended and activate your body's own healing processes without drugs or surgery.




Light Stream™ Mantra Coil VS. Quantum Pulse





Light Stream™ Mantra Coil

Quantum Pulse

Uses A Coil To Create High Voltage And A Subtle Electromagnetic Field

Create Frequencies That Fall Between The Infrared And Ultraviolet Spectrum Range

Designed For Home And Clinic Use

Electromagnetic Wireless Energy Field Range

35/50 feet radius

1-6 feet radius

No Plastic Ions (Natural Metal And Gem Construction)

No Plastic Construction

Living Artwork Geometric Design

Can use to enhance drinking water, supplements and meals

Altered states of consciousness (like meditation)

Quantum geometric windings

Vortex rotational electromagnetic field

Generates Tachyon Energy

Phase conjugation effect (2 Coils)

Replaceable signal generator

must replace entire unit if broken


 (large and heavy)

Safe to use for extended  periods

(gas tubes)

Piezoelectric Gems Ions (Option)

Over 122 Powerful quantum waveforms and frequencies




Money Back Guarantee

Final Results




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