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Rife Machine for Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance

How to get Super Consciousness with Rife Machine?

How To Get Super Consciousness with The Light Stream Wand

Imagine holding the mystic power of the Great Pyramids in your hands! David Sereda has decoded the lost technology of the Pyramids and invented the Light Stream™ Wand for Accelerated Deep Healing & Altering Reality! It projects a deep, penetrating electro-magnetic field that alters anything in it.  Use David Sereda's proprietary frequencies to program your body to heal it itself, to enhance to mind powers, or to attractive abundance!

*Accelerated deep healing & regeneration

*Program your mind & body for anything

*Enhance your mental and psychic abilities

*Amplify your power to create, manifest and attract abundance

*Explore uncharted realms of lucid dreaming, astral projection           

Here's David Sereda discuss about How to Use The Light Stream Wand and How to Get Super Conscious on The Light Stream Wand for Healing.

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