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Rife Machine Killing Cancer! Real Rife Machine Success Story

Real Rife Machine Success Story

Three cancer clients that that had death sentences and basically after your treatments are the treatments with the one they were gone all gone and how long did that take really well he was from July until September so July August and to the first week of September so eight weeks nine weeks a treatment every Saturday and Sunday so that would have been 18 maybe 20 treatments total how long would the treatments go for about an hour and a half to two hours okay and I would run I always start my treatments with five minutes of Sun sounds.  I always end my treatments with the eight for two frequency and then I do a lot of other modalities in there too because I have a whole music healing program from so sounds yeah, and so I'm running music frequency and I'm also running the rice and then I run some of David's specific frequencies like I'm used his candida frequency a lot for my female clients who come to me who we tested their ECB season after about three or four treatments of running the candida that said it's done well, so I get very good luck with the candida

Another cancer client that I had four years ago he had been diagnosed with a tumor on his right kidney and I worked with him then, and we reduced the tumor from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a lemon okay when he went in for his actual surgery they just went in with a scope and a bag, and they took that lemon sized tumor off the top of his kidney he actually signed the consent for a total effect A min what they ended up just in the tumor because it was small enough that they could bag it and remove it and the doctors did not talk to him at all about changing his diet I attempted to do that, but he wasn't really receptive to that because his doctor said oh we got it all you don't you don't have to worry he never did chemo or radiation and a year and a half later I get an email from his wife, and she said we got bad news today Dave's cancer is back not only is it on the original kidney but it's moves to the left kidney, and he has three spots on his liver oh, and she said they diagnosed him stage 4 recurrent, and we don't really know what to do, so I did the same thing with them I emailed her back and I said please hear me out give me one hour hear me out and then you make your own decision, and they wanted him to go into an experimental study and I said to listen.

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