Best RIFE Machine Review For Practitioners (Not for sale on Amazon)

How Effective Rife Machine for Impressed and Knowledgeable Practitioners

Looking for the best Rife Machine? A low cost rife machine?


David Sereda reveals revolutionary technology that may be the answer to cancer and lyme disease.

Watch rife machine reviews of all the rife machines amazon or on the web.  David compares low cost rife machines to the Light Stream Wand.

Rife machine cancer treatments have been used successfully in the past, learn how Sereda's invention takes cancer killing technology to the next level.

All conventional Rife machines use gas tubes or electrodes to transmit Rife frequencies.  These technologies are obsolete, and actually may do more harm than good to your body.  Gas tubes give off ions that are not beneficial to you body, and electrodes (patches) electrocute your skin and overload your body circuitry.  Both have a very small field of effect and are not effective in sending the Rife signals deep into your body where it matters.


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