Rife Frequency Machine Healing, Hoax or Real? (Webinar Audio)

What is a Rife Machine? Does it work?

Rife Frequency Machine Healing Webinar Audio

This product is not intended for someone who is not searching for alternative ways of healing.  Now that more people are talking about the incredible successes of our Light Stream Therapy, there's also more negative and discrediting media from health "authorities" and bureaucracies. If you believe in the government-backed conventional methods of healing, then we will not stop you from going that route.  But if you tried everything else and nothing is working for you and you are skeptical of the conventional western medicine approach of "Cut, Burn or Poison", then the Light Stream Wand System might be the answer that you have been looking for.

The Light stream wand converts sound frequencies into an electromagnetic field (multi-dimensional vortex) with a radius of 3-6 feet around the device.  It also releases silver and ruby ions that are incredibly beneficial for healing and reversing diseases.

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