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Ebook - God's Great Pyramid Ebook
Ebook - God's Great Pyramid Ebook

God's Great Pyramid Ebook

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The Secret to the Holy of Holies & The Lost Music Scale

During Winter Solstice time, 2015, I had the strangest dream. I dreamed I received a letter signed by “God.” The letter was written to express a miracle to my whole family! The letter instructed me to decode the meaning of Noah’s Ark by taking the dimensions in Royal Cubits, converted to a True Royal Cubit (20.605 Inches) in inches.

The Primitive or Pyramid Inch is 0.00106 different than the modern inch. No one could optically see a difference that small, but archaeologists believe there is a difference. God then told me I would then take these numbers and multiply them by 4, just as there are 4 sides to a square and then Cube It. When I did this, the code would be fully visible.

The proof that God’s designs were to be built using Royal Cubits instead of standard cubits is in Ezekiel: In Ezekiel 43, verse 13, we see more elaborate dimensions to the altar but more precisely that this is a Royal Cubit being one regular cubit plus a handbreadth. “Plus a handbreadth” is the clue and proof that is a Royal Cubit expression and not a standard cubit

God also knew that once I did this, I would see a code I have long understood the meaning of, because I have studied the math in the Great Pyramid for decades. This code would appear in everything God instructed the Prophets to build from Noah’s Ark, The Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, The Cubic Holy of Holies, Ezekiel’s Temple and Finally The Cubic New Jerusalem.

This code exists in 14 + places in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and would prove, the Great Pyramid of Egypt was not the Great Pyramid of Egypt, but that God instructed a Prophet from the last Great Age to build it with the precise instructions. The Great Pyramid survived the last great Epoch and when the dust settled, it remained. The new people of the new world found it and built their new world and Egyptian civilization around it! The Great Pyramid was studied by the ancient Egyptians and they learned everything they knew about math and geometry by its guide!

This book will use math as final proof that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was designed by God, maintained as a temple and throne of God when God visited humanity on Earth in ancient times. It also acted as a harmonic music scaled instrument of enormous size and power and frequency tuner to allow humans to commune with God in ancient times.

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184 Pages

  • Introduction – A Letter from God
  • Chapter 0 - A Temple as a Frequency Tuner
  • Chapter 1 - What is a Measure? Royal Cubit, a Cubit and a Megalithic Yard
  • Chapter 2 – God, Genesis and Creation: How it happens – How Vibration Animates Water, Solidi es it as a Liquid to Solid State Design
  • Chapter 3 – Frequencies and how they Design Structures
  • Chapter 4 – God, The Grand Designer and Phi
  • Chapter 5 – What is True Phi and what is God’s Phi
  • Chapter 6 – God instructs the Prophets to Build according to God’s Design & Measure
  • Chapter 7 – The Great Pyramid’s Secret Builders Code 41.21
  • Chapter 8 – Noah’s Ark, The Great Mystery
  • Chapter 9 – Moses & The Ark of the Covenant
  • Chapter 11 – Solomon’s Temple & The Holy of Holies – Tower of Babel Chapter 12 – Ezekiel’s Vision of a Temple Complex of God!
  • Chapter 12 – Jesus Speaks in Ratio and Tones Chapter 13 - Jesus Speaks of the Cube of Cephas Chapter 13 – The New Jerusalem
  • Chapter 14 – The Lost Music Scale 515.1