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Ebook - Mona Lisa's Little Secret Ebook
Ebook - Mona Lisa's Little Secret Ebook

Mona Lisa's Little Secret Ebook

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The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous painting in the history of the world. It is also the most valuable. Its value of $100 million in 1962 is approximately $670 million in 2006 when adjusted for inflation using the US Consumer Price Index.

Why have we all become so fascinated by it above all other paintings? Is its value due to the media we have given it? Or, is it the secret in Mona’s eyes that has beckoned humanity for over 500 years? What secret does she guard? Why the inner smile; as if she is hiding a secret so powerful, Leonardo de Vinci would only let us know if we could decode her smile?

Leonardo Da Vinci began painting his masterpiece in 1502 during the time that the Inquisition was well under way. He did not finish the work in one stroke. He pondered for four years before moving to France in 1516 when King Francis the 1’st invited him to work at the Clos Luce near the King’s castle in Amboise, France. Why did Leonardo move to France from Italy to finish the painting at the home of French royalty? Was it for his own protection? Was it for the protection of the most heavily guarded secret the painting contained? Was he afraid the secret the painting contained a threat to the inquisition and therefore he knew it would have been burned had they discovered Mona Lisa’s secret?

When I made the discovery of Mona Lisa’s secret, I knew it would have led to the burning of Da Vinci and all his art by the Inquisition. The world would never have seen the painting at all. Da Vinci hid the secret so deeply that perhaps no one would have discovered it at all.

On January 14, World Headline news reported “Mona Lisa Model Identified, Experts Say” and they claim the evidence is absolute.

“BERLIN (Jan. 14) - German academics believe they have solved the centuries-old mystery behind the identity of the "Mona Lisa" in Leonardo Da Vinci's famous portrait. Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giocondo, has long been seen as the most likely model for the sixteenth-century painting.

For centuries, art historians have wondered whether the woman depicted in Leonardo Da Vinci's famous portrait of the 'Mona Lisa' was the Renaissance painter's lover, mother or even the artist himself. Now, German academics claim to have irrefutable proof of the woman with history's most famous smile's identity.”

Since most of the world and art critics believe the Mona Lisa to be the Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, there was no hope of going deeper. Why is such a simple portrait of a little known woman made so famous? That is because Leonardo knew that her smile would be painted with such genius, that you would never be satisfied. She is a master in disguise. The theories among art critics are controversial, but not even they would discover a fragment of what is in this book.

When Dan Brown published “The Da Vinci Code,” in 2003, I was already 9 years into my study of the Gnostic Christian manuscripts. I had read “The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail” in 1982 and the further publications with the same subject, such as “The Messianic Legacy.” I found nothing new in “The Da Vinci Code” novel and was surprised by the errors, considering the non-fiction of his source material. When I saw the movie, I felt Dan Brown bastardized the Gnostic Christian writings, which only further glorify Jesus Christ and the Divine Feminine as God, not strip him of it as his Da Vinci Code attempted to do.

As you will see, when I tell you the secret to the “Mona L’Isa,” you will see that Leonardo would have been burned at the stake had he told what he knew. He hid it instead, waiting for someone to decode it.

On November 11th, 2007, the Spiritual Vision of a woman clothed in sapphire appeared to me in the middle of the night. I saw this woman in deep dark sapphire light who stood overlooking our bed. Her aura was like a powerful magnetism that wanted to sweep me out to tell me a secret. I stood my ground and feared her power. I heard a bell ring 3 times. The

Trinity I thought. I then saw the digital alarm clock change to: 1:11 AM. Wow! I was beside myself. I woke up and the epiphany struck me like a thunderbolt.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” Did Leonardo Da Vinci receive visions through his dreams about Jesus as I did?

My wife Crystal and I decoded the Mona Lisa.

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