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Light Stream™ Peridot Gem Laser (Green Light Therapy)
Light Stream™ Peridot Gem Laser (Green Light Therapy)

Light Stream™ Peridot Gem Laser (Green Light Therapy)

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World's First Tachyon Gem Laser For Acupuncture

Combining Ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine with Modern Technology

  • Acupuncture without needles 
  • Wide selection of gems
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Easy travel size
  • Safe to use, non invasive
  • Cold Laser Light can reach through your skin to your Acupoints
  • Unique light patterns to cover larger areas

Acupuncture has been an age-old Chinese treatment which has existed for millennia. It helps restore the proper chi within your body to balance your energy, stimulate natural healing, and promote relaxation. 

David Sereda takes this a step further with the World's First Light Stream™ Gem Laser For Acupuncture. Using Patent-Pending and lab-proven technology, this device shoots a laser through a Light Stream™ gem, opening up faster-than-light tachyon energy. This was proven by Physicist Dr. Raymond Chiao when he got photons to move faster than light by passing a laser through silica and quartz. This made world headlines 20 years ago! It then went top secret.

8mm Peridot Benefits (Natural Gems This Size Costs $2,000)

Peridot is an emotional gem that alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed. It also reduces stress, anger and guilt.

  • Increase strength and vitality
  • Has calming effect. Brings happiness and warmth
  • Protect against negative emotions and brings clarity in thoughts
  • Good for asthma and sinus
  • Alleviate anger, fear, depression, nervousness, anxiety, and jealousy
  • Bring openness of mind, good sleep, relaxation and comfort
  • They are the stone of love and are known to foster love.
  • Manifest money and many other good things in your life

    Green Light Benefits

    Green light is in the middle of the color spectrum and it creates a natural balancing effect on the body. Green is also considered a "cooler" color and helps bring about a mild relaxation effect.

    • Anti-Aging properties
    • Reduce skin pigmentation damage
    • Stimulate production of Melanin which helps make your skin look healthier and younger
    • Helps with relaxation
    • Helps against hyper-pigmentation

      Stimulate Your Body's Acupoints Directly With The Gem Laser - For Beauty, Rejuvenation and Health...


      Why Switch to Laser Acupuncture?

      Scared of needles?

      No problem, laser acupuncture uses only light and no needles!

      Gem Lasers stimulates the same acupuncture points in a much safer way.

      Laser Acupuncture, can be used for:

      • Anxiety
      • Arthritis
      • Chronic pain
      • Depression
      • Insomnia
      • Migraines
      • Nausea
      • Sciatica
      • Sinus congestion
      • Stress and anxiety
      • Tinnitus
      • Weight loss

      Scientifically Proven Effectiveness!

      The World Health Organization has proven that acupuncture works. How about laser acupuncture?

      Several studies from Universities around the world show that laser acupuncture as a substitute for traditional acupuncture is safer yet equally effective for headaches, orthopedic treatments. It can truly help provide better pain management and an overall higher quality of life, according to research.

      Now you can access Laser Acupuncture in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you go!

      To get the best experience, get the complete collection with ALL 9 GEMS now!


      Never aim a laser pointer directly to a person’s eyes. Do not stare into beam or view with optical instruments. This could cause permanent eye damage.


      "3 Incredible Light Stream™ Wand Success Stories for Cancer"

      "15 Year Ayurvedic Holistic Practitioner Review"

      Hundreds Of Happy Light Stream Wand Owners

      • Irreparable Nerve Damage… REPAIRED!

      First wand was made 7 years ago for a woman whose little daughter fell from the dryer and broke her shoulder. Her arm and had had so much nerve damage, she could not move anything. The doctors were going to do a nerve graft and the mom said “no.” She bought a wand used the Sound of the Sun with magnets and after 3 months, her fingers were moving again and months later full movement in arm and hands.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Sound of the Sun

      Duration: 1 hour a day for 90 days

      • Relief from Arthritic Pain in 1 Session!

      Multiple wand users found amazing results with arthritis much better movement and way less pain in the hands just holding it. In one session, one person wrote about instant relief.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Sound of Sun and Pyramid

      Duration: 20 Minutes Daily

      • Dramatically Brighter Light In Aura Camera Tests!

      Aura Camera testing show huge increase in bio light after a wand session. This means healing to the body.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Pyramid

      Duration: 20 to 40 minutes per day x 4 days per week

      • Supports Joint and Bone Repair!

      Knee and joint damage using bone frequencies was tremendous on patients with inflammation and pain. Cartilage becomes more fluid and dynamic movement returns. The time to heal is within a week or more.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Rife Bone Healing

      Duration: 30 Minutes Daily

      • Incurable Lymes Disease Solution!

      In Sweden and Norway, the wand was used for severe Lymes disease. In bad cases it took a few months to heal the person but no other known method can heal Lymes. Again taking electrolytes improves the function of the wand’s magnetic field and healing.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: All

      Duration: 30 to 40 minutes per day

      • Intuition, Clairvoyance, Sixth Sense, ESP, Telepathy… Heightened!

      Improving the creativity of mind, telepathy, psychic abilities and vision! We had many dozens of letters to this improvement. People were amazed how much more insight, better dreams, more clear, and working with planet and star frequencies. Over 50% of people buy wands for this purpose alone.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: All

      Duration: Daily, or occasional use

      • Signs Of Progress With Autism...

      Autistic persons we found could identify their favorite frequencies even though they are not audible. The wand can produce magnetic pulses lower than 1 hertz and these individuals can feel it. Favorite track was 51 Pyramid for one boy in Arizona. Others Pick True Phi or Infinities. We need more data on Autism because the wand shows great promise here.

      • Works With All RIFE Frequencies

      RIFE Frequencies: Any RIFE healing frequency can come out of the wand for any illness using the tone software. The possibilities are endless.

      Rife Therapy For Dogs

      "I can stand up straighter and walk more correctly with confidence."

      "Now I feel more confident with my knee, I’m going upstairs, put more weight on it. I have noticed that now I can stand up straighter and walk more correctly with confidence. This is mostly contributed to the Light Stream Wand."

      - Jacob Caldwell
      Massage Therapist
      Seattle, WA

      Does The Wand REALLY Work? For Cancer & Lyme Disease

      More Amazing Success Stories for Cancer, Blood Pressure, Physiotherapy, A.D.D.

      "I felt better and more in-tune after a session"

      "I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit."

      "It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Cheryl and the energy work that she does. Cheryl is knowledgeable and caring and her years in the medical field give a wisdom and practical application to the service that she provides. I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit.

      I have always felt better and more in-tune after a session and have seen positive results with myself and others. Cheryl takes the time to meet with you and her space is very welcoming and accommodating. I would highly recommend scheduling a session or joining her in the various workshops that she offers. "

      - Sharon

      Erie, Pa.

      "9 Time Cancer Survivor: Tumor Shrinks By 40% in 6 Weeks..."

      "When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years."

      "I am a 72-year-old male married to a great husband, a business man, Prison Chaplain and Youth pastor for many years. When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years.

      But this last one was the worst. It was a fast-moving RARE form of cancer Called Merkel Cell cancer. In just 6 months having to return to the Dr’s the cancer tumor on the side of my face was the side of an Idaho potato. It would eventually move down my throat making eating and drinking not an option.

      The VA Dr. told me I had 12 months to live, and there was no known medical treatment for me as with Merkel radiation and chemo would not work, and if it did it would slow it down maybe but the rare chance of me living past 12 months is very slim.

      Well at that time I knew I was going to die, and after telling my husband on his birthday, that I was going to die, we had a tearful event. As a very last resort I agreed against my desires and will to go into the VA hospital for chemo as a last effort to keep me alive.

      The next day they told me they changed their minds and were going to use immunotherapy instead of chemo. Immunotherapy was a more non-invasive form with less side effects. Now remember up to this point the VA only used chemo and radiation for cancer patients. And thank God, they started to use alternative treatments.

      Now let’s go back several months as a friend of mine had told me about this new form of cancer therapy call frequency with a man called David Sereda. I was interested and wanted to order the wand and equipment because I felt I had to try. It took approximately 4 weeks for the different equipment to arrive.

      After weeks of research I found out that every illness has s certain frequency. When using the wand, it sends special selected frequencies from the wand into the body, and destroys the Merkel Carcinoma cells and Not the rest of the good cells.

      "I Had Intense Pain From A Car Accident Injury..."

      "My Client Fell Asleep On My Table, Who Hadn't Been Able to Sleep In Months..."

      "Frozen Shoulder Healed!"

      “I’ve been working with a client with a frozen shoulder for about a year and a half with little success. After the first session, he said it was 25 percent better! The second week, 50 percent!”

      “The rubies in the Light Stream Wand creates chromium ions which helps with circulation and hydration in a very tight muscle that you can’t move or manipulate. I think that’s part of what help give it some elasticity…”

      "This is something I'm excited about to put into my massage practice..."

      "I Was Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer..."

      "We came to know Cheryl on a radio program with David Sereda. Her kindness was evident as she talked about her choice to help others heal physically, mentally and spiritually. She spoke for her experience with Cancer patients. I was diagnosed in August of 2017 with Ovarian Cancer.

      I have chosen to treat this cancer without poisons, fear and cutting. Cheryl states that healing is rarely achieved through burning, poisoning and cutting. This resonated with my approach to treating my body with kindness. In consultation with Cheryl, initially to learn to use the wand for treatment, we were treated to a truly broad plan which inspired hope and support.

      These two qualities are important on this special journey. We are instructed on dietary needs, forgiveness needs, reflexology support and education. Symptoms become signs of healing. The fear is lessened and the journey can go on. She inspires you to keep going forward and not get stuck in the current pain, live in the past or let the future be nothing but fear and loss. Ending a session with Cheryl is like getting a well needed hand of support and a wink from God. She is a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate healer who is well fit for her calling.

      We thank you for your kindness, friendship and gifts. You make the world warmer and full of light"

      - Janet


      "Back Pain, Tooth Pain Has Been Eliminated"

      "I am writing to attest to my positive experience with Cheryl and and her magic wand named Wanda using Rife frequencies."

      Over the past few years I have experiences back pain, tooth pain and a host of other issues due to diabetes. Cheryl's extensive training and use of her knowledge has continually helped me with any health issues I have had along the way. Pain has been eliminated, or greatly reduced under her care using the frequencies. I have attended her Chakra classes and essential oils classes, all of which helped support me and assisted in pain relief. Cheryl is a dedicated and knowledgeable healer and am blessed she fell into my life."

      - Marty
      New York, Chautauqua County

      "Other Unexpected Health Benefits..."

      "Tumor Markers Dropped From 970 to 240..."

      "15-Year Diabetic, Now Considered Pre-Diabetic"

      "I have been learning from Cheryl for about 3 years. I have attended classes in her home and have seen her meet with individual clients in their homes. The information is always well received and very helpful when the client follows through with what it suggested.

      My daughter had her thyroid blood work tested and it came back at zero, her thyroid was not working and they suggested she see a specialist right away. She got an appointment but it was 3 months away, I called Cheryl as a very concerned mother asking for her help. Cheryl came to my home to meet with my daughter and to see how to to help her. My daughter is 33 yrs old and has 2 children so she is not a child but took the advise from me to meet with Cheryl.

      Her session last a couple of hours and my daughter was given suggestions of nature products to start using. My daughter had follow up blood work down before her appointment and her numbers were 1.5 ( 3 is normal) she and I were so excited and so was her personal doctor. She still has to see the specialist soon but hopefully she will not have to be placed on medication. My daughter and I both agree that Cheryl was right on with what she had suggested and the blood work proves it.

      I too have had made adjustments to my diet and supplements that I take from the advise of Cheryl and I have had great improvements in my health. One of the big ones is that I now have been taken off all my diabetic medications and am maintaining with diet and exercise.

      I had a AC1 of 7 and last month I was tested and I am 6... now considered pre-diabetic. I had been diabetic on medications for 15 years!!

      Wonderful teacher and person Cheryl is and I know she has great positive intentions for help others!! I am thankful for having the time I have shared with her to learn and grow."

      - Michele

      Falconer, New York

      "The Tumor On Face Will Be GONE!"

      Then came another miracle, I had heard stories of a retired nurse Cheryl who has been working with the wand for years and healing many cancer patients. I got ahold of her and that was a true blessing. She was the first person to really help me understand the wand and the correct use of it and sending me additional useful frequencies.

      I now use the wand for my treatment 3 times a day and the tumor on my face is slowly starting to reduce in size. And I believe in a month or so, it will be GONE. Yes, I am using a new immunotherapy drug treatment called Avelumab once every 3 weeks.

      But the good news is that the tumor on the side of my face is going away, as I keep using the frequency and the wand. To show you how much Cheryl has helped me, Cheryl told me her and her husband were up and moved to pray and send healing energy to me at 11 pm at night, so they lit a candle and prayed for my continued recovery.

      That touched my heart so much. Cheryl has prayed over the phone with me several times and spent much additional time, effort, prayer time on my behalf without any money or reward. I want to learn how to be of service to other cancer patients like she does. She has helped and is continuing to help me in my recovery process. I now have hope.

      I am a state Notary Agent and need to get back to work, but had to get this face tumor problem solved. Let me share with you that the Merkel cancer has spread down my body into my kidneys, liver and into my spine. It is a very serious thing, and I do not believe the 12 months to live from the VA hospital was correct; I have a loving God who cares about me.

      So here is the bottom line with special people like Cheryl giving me help, instructions, and guidance, I will recover from this life threatening illness and will be a living testimony to the power of the wand and frequency therapy to overcome any cancer or illness. I simple could not of done this without the help from Cheryl.

      I bless you all with love and faith, and hope, and know this will be the best year of our lives"

      - Dean
      Orange Co. CA