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Light Stream™ Technology

Ancient Technology That Could Turn You Into A Reality-Bending Superhuman

Imagine holding the mystic power of the Great Pyramids in your hands! David Sereda has decoded the lost technology of the Pyramids and invented the Light Stream™ Wand for Accelerated Deep Healing & Altering Reality! It projects a deep, penetrating electro-magnetic field that alters anything in it. Use David Sereda's proprietary frequencies to program your body to heal it itself, to enhance to mind powers, or to attractive abundance!

  • Accelerated deep healing & regeneration
  • Program your mind & body for anything
  • Enhance your mental and psychic abilities
  • Amplify your power to create, manifest and attract abundance
  • Explore uncharted realms of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences
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