Quantum Meditation Frequencies

Instantly Transform Your Mind and Body With Simple, Yet Powerful Frequencies Hidden in Ancient Technology...

Discover scientifically proven frequencies that quickly shift your mind into altered states of consciousness and awareness. Simply download and listen to them during silent meditation, or anytime throughout the day! Meditation masters have taken decades to achieve high states of consciousness. Benefit from David Sereda's 35+ years of meditation and scientific research and shortcut your progress in a fraction of the time.

David Sereda has even solved the hidden harmonic frequencies of the great pyramids! Simply listening to these frequencies have had profound and instantaneous effects on all kinds of practitioners from all beliefs and religions - such as accelerated healing and astral projection. Deepen and amplify these effects with our powerful Light Stream Pendants and Light Stream Wand!

  • Accelerated healing & regeneration
  • Raise your spiritual resonance
  • Brainwave & mind power enhancement
  • Explore uncharted realms of lucid dreaming and astral projection
  • Amplify your power to create, manifest and attract abundance
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