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Light Stream™ Hydration Water Machine
Light Stream™ Hydration Water Machine

Light Stream™ Hydration Water Machine

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Light Stream™ Hydration Water Machine

Ships to Canada and USA only

The Hydration Machine was invented by Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, one of the top experts in the world on functional water, and the author of "The Discovery of the Enhanced Properties of Water Supporting Life and Ecology".
The key benefits of the water produced by the Hydration Machine are:

  • Super-energized functional therapeutic water, so energy is available for biological processes - our bodies work better with faster water absorption and hydration.
  • High levels of dissolved hydrogen, the very best antioxidant, and dissolved oxygen, which is used by the body for many processes including energy creation
  • Enhances activity and solubility of supplements
  • Increases water availability to cells (hydration) and extracellular space (detox)

The most important function of water is to hydrate the cell and detox the cell’s environment. Chronic dehydration is malnutrition at the cellular level and causes inflammation. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, mental fuzziness/migraines, high blood pressure, constipation, muscle and joint soreness, cramps, back pain, depression, etc. It increases risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and urinary tract, colon, and breast cancer.


Product Weight:  12.1 lbs. (dry).

Dimensions:  11.8”H x 9.6”W x 4.4”D

Filter Life: Two years for Pre-Filter and eight months for Post-Filter.

Power Consumption: Approximately 120W during processing

Shipping Weight:  13.5 lbs.


Ships to Canada and USA only



FUNCTIONAL (ENHANCED) WATERWater that has been exposed to external energy fields (mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, optical, or other fields or combinations thereof) that alter the physical or chemical characteristics, such that when the water is utilized by living organisms or industrial processes, there are functional benefits.

There is a functional food, medicine and chemistry, so why not functional water (water that produces specific functions)




There are many ways to produce functional water.

The most scientifically validated process for making functional water is electrolysis.

We used our extensive experience in electrolysis of water (over 120 man-years) to invent a new system that energizes the water to very high levels without affecting pH or wasting water.

Light Stream™ Hydration Water Machine





Electrolysis is an electrochemical process by which electrical energy is used to promote chemical reactions in a conducting solution with electrodes (anode +, cathode, -)

  • Electrolysis of water is H2O Æ H+ + OH-
  • Oxygen is produced at the anode and hydrogen is produced at the cathode
  • Anions (Cl- , CO3 2- ) are attracted to the anode
  • Cations (Na+, Ca2+) are attracted to the cathode
  • Oxidation (loss of electrons) occurs at the anode
  • Reduction (gaining of electrons) occurs at the cathode
  • Redox potential (ORP) characterizes the activity of electrons in water


Hydrogen used for prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, particularly those associated with ROS (reactive oxygen species) and inflammation (400+ reports)

Oxygen used for aerobic metabolism (cell respiration) Respiration is the biochemical process in which the cells of an organism obtain energy by combining oxygen and glucose, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide, water, and ATP, the currency of energy in cells

Hydration Machine water provides a good balance of hydrogen and oxygen



Anti-aging - Extends the lifespan of mice by 30%, enhances the immune system, and scavenges free radicals

Gastrointestinal – Reduces constipation, diarrhea, fermentation (gas), and increases absorption (calcium)

Cellular – Increases hydration and improves biological terrain

Anecdotal – Has shown benefits for diabetes, cancer, Parkinson disease, and addictive behavior