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Quantum Frequencies - Sound Of The Sun - DNA Activation Healing Frequencies
Quantum Frequencies - Sound Of The Sun - DNA Activation Healing Frequencies
Quantum Frequencies - Sound Of The Sun - DNA Activation Healing Frequencies

Sound of the Sun - DNA Activation Healing Frequencies

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Are You Ready To Unlock Your Human Potential & Activate Your DNA Upgrade?

What is it?

  • NASA's actual recording of the sound of the sun (Sped up)
  • The most powerful and sacred sound of "AUM" in the Vedas (The most ancient hindu scriptures)

What will I feel?

  • Invigoration
  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Love
What do I use it for?

  • DNA repair
  • DNA activation
  • DNA upgrade
  • Prevent heart problems and boosts heart chakra
  • Purify your polluted water supply
  • Restructure poisonous GMO foods

What Chakras are affected?

  • All chakra energy focus to heart chakras

Why you need it?

  • Don't want to be poisoned by GMO's?
  • Very good for your heart

What's included in this package?

    Includes 4 frequencies in high definition audio (mp3):

    1. Sound of the Sun at 100% Speed
    2. Sound of the Sun at 50% Speed
    3. Sound of the Sun at 25% Speed
    4. Sound of the Sun at 15% Speed

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    It is said that the sacred mantra (word) “AUM” comes from ancient meditators hearing the sound of the sun. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is written that anyone who truly attains this mantra, attains everything because all other mantras are contained within its perfect vibration.

    Jesus said in John 1: In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.” The book of John is a Greek manuscript where the word “LOGOS” was translitterated as the word “WORD.” LOGOS means perfect harmonic vibration of the Sun in ancient Egypt! This depicts Jesus referring to God as the vibration of our sun! 

    Today, NASA has recorded the inaudible range of the sound of the sun in deep space and compressed the waves into the audible spectrum (20 to 20,000 hertz) of the human ear. It truly sounds like the mantra “AUM.” By playing this audio file audibly for meditation, or using with your wand, you will gain the benefits of this vibration and master sound of our solar system!

    The photo on this page shows water as it has been exposed to the sound of the sun and flash-frozen to capture its amazing geometries. The structure is astounding!

    Aura camera research in Russia testing the sound of the sun on chakras shows huge increases in energy in the human heart center! This sound is truly invigorating to the circulatory system! 

    By playing these audio files audibly for meditation, or using with your wand, you will gain the benefits of this vibration and master sound of our solar system!

    These "miracle tones" can be used in frequency healing or rife frequencies that has had positive effects on cancer from our Light Stream Wand users.

    In Depth Training On Quantum Regenesis Meditation

    Here are some ways you can use these frequencies...

    1. Simply play the audio files on your mobile device or computer and listen to them
    2. Vocalize them, try to match the tones you hear with your voice
    3. Meditate while listening to them to enhance your experience
    4. Exercise while listening to them to enhance your experience
    5. Play / add them behind your favorite music
    6. Convert the sound frequencies into magnetic waves with the Light Stream™ wand for a deep, body and mind-altering profound experience
    7. Generate a large magnetic field with the Light Stream™ field generator to protect and cleanse your home and living space with these powerful tones

    Important points:

    • All matter and our physical bodies are actually waves and frequencies
    • Our consciousness is our brainwaves (also frequencies)
    • Sound and frequency can directly alter how our brain works and how we perceive the world
    • Also waves and frequencies have been proven to alter our cells and dna (for good or bad)
    • Harmful frequencies from cell phones, wifi signals, satelites etc are damaging our cells and dna causing all kinds of disease
    • Retune your mind and body with David Sereda's mathematical frequencies
    • Achieve your true human potential that God intended
    • Protect yourself and family with these tones

    All electrical systems known to science produce a magnetic electromagnetic field and frequency around the charge. The human body is no different.

    The brain produces all of these frequency bands all of the time but accentuates different bands for different functions of life including healing and having visions or enhanced creativity.

    Humans can cognitively hear from 20, to less than 20,000 Hertz. Humans can subtly perceive frequencies lower than 1 Hertz all the way past 20,000 hertz.

    All of the Light Stream frequencies designed by David Sereda have a basis for expanding each part of the brain to enhance everything from body healing to expanded creativity and the insight problem solving process.

    These frequencies amplify the various human brainwaves and expand the potential of that brainwave state and its benefits.

    Very PRECISE frequencies have much deeper experience potential than just abject numbers within these bands. For example, the human biomat uses just 5 hertz as a low Theta but does not identify where in nature 5 exact hertz has any meaning. The crystal biomats use 10 hertz – again no meaning.

    Each frequency designed by David Sereda, rather, has meaning and a place of resonant origin either in nature, harmonic music scaling, sacred temple dimensions, or the planets and cosmos.