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RIFE Frequencies - 80 Best Rife Frequencies In 21 CD's

80 Best Rife Frequencies in 21 CD's

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Get 80 of the Best Rife Frequencies Collection for 50% OFF!

The most popular and common rife frequencies.

Delivered in 21 CD's (compact disks)

Why not 466 frequencies?  Because it would require too many CD disks.  Get the mp3 version if you want all 466 frequencies.

The 80 best frequencies for health.


Each track lasts 20 minutes.

Works with Light Stream Wand or other Rife or PEMF machines.

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This 21 CD collection includes the 80 programs below.

AIDS  Allergies  Anthrax  Arteriosclerosis  Asthma  Backache Bladder  Bone Healing Bronchitis  Bursitis  Cancer (general) Candida  Cataracts  Cerebral Palsy  Chicken Pox  Colitis Cystitis  Detoxification Acceleration Diabetes  Digestion  E-Coli Epstein Barr  Eyes  Fibromyalgia  Flu Flukes  Fungus  Gall Bladder  Gall Stones Gangrene  Gastritis Gout  Headaches  Heart (general)  Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis - General Hernia  Herpes  High Blood Pressure  Immune Boost Insomnia Joints Kidneys Stone Kidneys (general)  Leukemia  Lungs  Lupus  Lyme   Lymphoma  Measles Meningitis  Multiple Sclerosis  Muscles & Ligaments  Muscular Dystrophy  Mycoplasma  Nausea Nerve Disorders  Osteoarthritis Pain  Pancreas  Paralysis Parasites  Pharyngitis Pneumonia  Polio  Prostate (general)  Psoriasis  Rheumatoid Arthritis Rhinitis Sarcoma  Sciatica  Shingles  Sinuses  Sterility Staphylococcus  Stones (kidney, gall bladder) Streptococcus  Syphilis  Tonsillitis  Toothache  Tuberculosis  Ulcers  Whooping Cough