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3 Shocking Ways of Getting Cancer
That May Be Affecting You Now…

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Retired Veteran Nurse Saves The Live Of Three Stage-4 Terminal Cancer Patients Who Were Given "Death Sentences" By Their Doctors!


By using this new electromagnetic frequency device as part of their holistic therapy, they are now alive and healthy today!”

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Here are the stories of each cancer client...

"9 weeks later, the cancer was gone!"


Client #1 - He was a 12-year colon cancer carrier found a new tumor 6 inches up his colon. Doctors said he had to remove the colon and he would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He had 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment, meanwhile he was getting treatment with the light stream wand and when he went back to re-check with colonoscopy and 9 weeks later, the cancer was gone!

The doctor's said it was impossible that the 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment could heal the cancer and asked what he did. He said, "Well, I know someone who knows more about cancer than you!"


"Her tumor markers dropped from 970 to 200!"


Client #2 - She had only 6 months to live, according to her doctor. She was treated with the light stream wand once or twice a week and saw her tumor markers go from 970 down to 200.

"After 35 days of daily treatment.. the cancer was GONE!"

Client #3 - He was diagnosed with a tumor on his right kidney. We reduced the tumor from size of grapefruit to size of a lemon. He had surgery to remove the tumor, when they had anticipated to remove the entire kidney. He didn't change his diet, 1.5 years later, his cancer came back on original kidney and left kidney and 3 spots on his liver.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 recurrent cancer and the doctors said he had 6 months to live and was asked to participate in a experimental drug. He declined and chose to do light stream wand therapy. After 35 days of daily treatment, he went for the exam and the cancer was GONE!

Could this new technology be the answer to cancer and many diseases?

How come corporations and governments are spending billions on finding a cure but after decades, still have nothing to show for it?

Chemotherapy and Radiation have a 3% “success” rate with stage-4 cancer patients.

Can you even call 3% a success?

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-David Sereda
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