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Light Stream™ Community & Directory

Want to be added to our directory? You must have purchased a David Sereda Product and have a holistic practice or business. If you qualify, please contact us with your info (Name, email, phone, location, designation, products owned, website, profile image) and it will be added upon review.

Holistic Cheryl
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Phone number: (585) 948-9508
Email: support [at]
Location: New York, USA 
- Licensed Nurse For 37 Years
- Masters of Science in Nursing
Reiki Master Certifications
Certification in Spiritual Healing
Holistic Healer For 8 Years
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand 
Shahiroz Walji
Phone No: +1 (778) 386-1786
Email: consultation [at]
Location: Port Moody, BC 
Over 10-Years Holistic Expert
- Light Stream Coordinator
- Light Stream Distributor Licensing and Training 
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand 
Light Stream Mantra Coil
Staff of Moses
Parvinder Grewal
Phone: +1 (778) 668-5021
Email: p.grewal [at]
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
*15-Year Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner  
*Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies
*Senior Practitioner of Ayurveda
*Former Director and Co-ordinator of one of Canada’s largest integrated health centers
*Member, National Association for Holistic Health Practitioners
*Founder, 3 Realms Wellness Clinic
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand
Light Stream Mantra Coil 24" (x2)
Light Stream Mantra Coil 14" (x3)
Jacob Caldwell
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Designation: 16 Year Licensed Massage Therapist
Medical Intuitive
Specializing in Health Insurance Claims
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand
Carole Dean 
Location: California, USA
Designation: President of "From the Heart Productions, Inc"
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand
Ms. TY
Location: Florida, USA
Horse owner and former Event Horse Competitor and
- Trainer
- Cat owner
- Proponent of Natural Healing Techniques
Products Owned:
Light Stream Wand