DNA Upgrade - Quantum Regenesis

Upgrade your DNA

Your DNA is your very own transmitter receiver, which contains your genetic blueprint. It is your own antenna to the cosmos, your connection to the divine. It was protected and private until recently when it became a target for unwanted frequencies!


Now you can active your own DNA with high vibrational harmonics that will protect you from unwanted interceptions and harm! These vibrations are so powerful, they will activate you to become a beacon of light!


David Sereda received a Spiritual Vision during Christmas, 2013 from Archangel Michael who told him that the greatest problem in humanity is the current state of human DNA. DNA is your own transmitter. The DNA has been corrupted and is sending out disharmonic messages to the human nervous system! Human DNA has been downgraded by the dark forces and is transmitting information into human beings to prevent them from becoming light beings, to create more chaos, war, disease and suffering! Archangel Michael told David that the next 6 years will involve a DNA upgrade towards the Light for those who can perceive it in their DNA! The Angels call this upgrade “ReGenesis”. There have been major shifts in the DNA of receptive people in the historic past. Those individuals altered the course of human destiny for the advancement of humanity. This enraged the dark forces to do battle with human DNA itself. Now the dark forces have gained the majority of the population by DNA manipulation. The Angels see this and now they are intervening! There has not been a major shift in human DNA for a very long time! Get ready for a major ReGenesis possibility!. 

 Upgrade your DNA