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EMF Scalar Pendant

Our brass and silver medallions are actually hologram technology. What we did is we took the water crystal in the Massaro Emoto effect, when the water was treated with the sound vibration of the Sun, it totally transformed the crystalline structure of the water, and I took the six pointed star crystal into AutoCAD and I mapped my six points and I made a true Flower of Life. You noticed that each flower petal is a slightly different size which is what you see in nature.


Why is it that the sound of the Sun produced a differential geometry rather than an even sided geometry? See, nature doesn't use even sided geometries, it uses what are called differential geometries which means the wavelengths are all different.


In the same way, that the Great Pyramid has four different calculated wavelengths for all, the four sides of the pyramid nature's flowers are the same. They have what is called differentials, and differentials is different which allows energy to move from one point to the next to the next to the next. If everything is the same size as a wavelength, it's static energy doesn't flow, so any geometry you're looking at as a hologram that's all even structured is a static waveform which means it doesn't move, it vibrates in that point only so this hologram is actually an accurate hologram taken from the sound of our Sun, and these also get vibrationally treated the same way or pendants do in in pure 99.99% silver and brass.


I've done a lot of tests with this and just wearing it and I really can feel this technology. At first, I didn't believe it was possible to treat metal, I thought it had to be a semi conductive material, and what amazed me is that it works even in brass, any material really.