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Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works

Light Stream™ Pendants’ quantum technology infuses stones, precious metals and gemstones with sacred harmonic frequencies that amplify your higher potential. These jewelry pieces are creatively designed and treated with harmonic energy that moves through your mind and body.

When used, these pendants produce higher energy vibrations and positive thoughts and intentions. These are also proved to increase vibrations and auric testing which can help in realigning one’s chakras to a harmonious and more balanced state which can elevate the state of consciousness, attain greater states of enlightenment, and recognize a higher sense of emotional and physical well being.

These quantum stones has the ability to reduce headaches, insomnia and exhaustion which is mainly caused by the effects of EMFs.

Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works

Stones Naturally Harness Vibration & Energy

The stone becomes the primary source of vibration because of its structure and chemical makeup. It vibrates in a way that resounds and enhances a specific energies within each person.

Many stones give high crystal compositions, each stone brings its own unique form of subtle profound energy that is set by the crystalline structure.

EMF Protection with Quantum Infused Pendants

Technology such as computers, cell phones, microwaves, smart meters, etc. produce much more intense electromagnetic fields, and these fields can cause health risks when exposed in a long period of time such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and a weakened immune system.

However, these risks can be eliminated when wearing the pendant or simply placing it in your
pocket or between you and any electronic device.

The quantum infusion process diffuses a high frequency subtle scar energy field that throws lower frequency EMFs which is emitted by electronic devices and lessens the damaging effects.

This technology alters the radiation carried by EMFs to align in a parallel way. This reduces and quiets the energy fields on an unlimited quantum level. This allows these harmful emissions to cause less harmful interference with the body which causes damage to ourselves.

All our Light Stream™ Pendants help elevate your vibrations and strengthens your auric field specifically protecting you from the harmful effects of EMFs.

Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works
Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works

Concerning Our Pendant Designs And Geometries

Part of our collection of pendants are the Vortex, Trinity, Trillion, Sun Ray, Flower of Life pendants. These pendants resonates energy of the scalar wave frequency infusions which are used to ease a variety of conditions, such as chronic or symptomatic pain.

How the Light Stream™ Quantum Programming Works

The infusion process is a combination of modern and ancient technology of stones as record keepers and harnessers of energy. We use a compact nuclear fusion device to program our stones and jewelry!

This process is a unique method of quantum energy technology that allows the memory of known balancing, healing and energetic frequencies to be precisely locked into each stone and crystal which is somewhat like to information being stores on CD's or DVD's.

Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works

Breakdown of Light Stream™ Technology

Programming information into stones and precious gems is complicated as nothing in our electrical or technical world works without crystals. Each pendant is prepared by undergoing a high vibration generator process to imprint and then complete the process.
  • "Sound of the Sun" frequency included free (Vibrations for vitality, heart, love, invigoration, life force).
  • Add 2 more frequency programs to your pendant to multiply its benefits for a total maximum of 3 programs.

People are exposed to quantum information when they wear our jewelry. The energy and information reproduces with our natural auric fields to give energy and balance to one’s system. This process doesn’t not have any harmful side effect to the human body.

Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works

EPI/GDV Testing Evidences Energy Resonance of Light Stream™ Pendants

Electro Photon Imaging (EPI) or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) can detect and regard energy such as light, vitality and stress around the human body and objects. This allows forces to be recorded in an active state. EPI uses light electrical currents to prompt a response known as sliding gas discharge which transmits a glowing resonance of light energy photons or an ‘electon cloud’.

Evident influence of quantum infused jewelry upon the balance of one’s energetic resonance is through Kirilian photographs of auric fields. This technology is also based upon EPI/GDV testing.

Each infused pendant when compared against base line reading of structured water alone shows compelling increases in energetic output during the process of EPI testing, specifically within the sterling silver sacred geometries on the pendants.

Light Stream™ Pendants ! How It Works