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Light Body Activation - Quantum Regenesis


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Light Body Activation - Quantum Regenesis

Your DNA is your very own transmitter-receiver, which contains your genetic blueprint. It is your own antenna to the cosmos, your connection to the divine. It was protected and private until recently when it became a target for unwanted frequencies!

Now you can activate your own DNA with high vibrational harmonics that will protect you from unwanted interceptions and harm! These vibrations are so powerful, they will activate you to become a beacon of light!

David Sereda received a Spiritual Vision during Christmas, 2013 from Archangel Michael who told him that the greatest problem in humanity is the current state of human DNA. DNA is your own transmitter. The DNA has been corrupted and is sending out disharmonic messages to the human nervous system! Human DNA has been downgraded by the dark forces and is transmitting information into human beings to prevent them from becoming light beings, to create more chaos, war, disease, and suffering! Archangel Michael told David that the next 6 years will involve a DNA upgrade towards the Light for those who can perceive it in their DNA! The Angels call this upgrade “ReGenesis”. There have been major shifts in the DNA of receptive people in the historic past. Those individuals altered the course of human destiny for the advancement of humanity. This enraged the dark forces to do battle with human DNA itself. Now the dark forces have gained the majority of the population by DNA manipulation. The Angels see this and now they are intervening! There has not been a major shift in human DNA for a very long time! Get ready for a major ReGenesis possibility!. 

Ever since you were a child, you were told that you were put on this earth to be happy, to be enlightened, and be a beacon of light and love.

But where is the love, you wonder. Life, today, is exceptionally stressful. Be it the rat race for success or the growing violence, terrorism, and religious intolerance. Besides, there are genetic manipulations of our food and electric modification of our brains by disharmonic EMFs bombarding us through the technologies we have become slaves to.

So, is there no way to break out of this misery? Is human life, after all, only suffering? Are we born only to struggle? Or, is there a way we can fight these modern ailments – the dark forces that stand between God and us?

Thankfully, the answer to that question is yes.

According to David Sereda: “You can raise your spiritual resonance with sacred sound frequencies.”

David is a renowned author, spiritual genius, and free-thinking space and quantum scientist. He has worked with world-class physicists and spent years meditating, learning and experimenting.

Guided by his father, Dr. Lynn Sereda, a renowned psychologist and a great teacher of meditation, David began a life long journey of contemplation and spiritual awakening. He has been meditating

since 35 years to expand his consciousness. All along, he has experimented with vibrations of various frequencies. In the process, he discovered the intriguing effect of vibrations of specific frequencies on human wellness.

This prompted him to create a system of holistic wellness that everyone could benefit from. He was guided by the celestial beings he encountered on his meditative journeys. This included Jesus and Mary Magdalene who guided him to develop a system of spiritual enhancement.

Inspired by the higher powers and guided by his scientific knowledge, he created a system based on proven meditative, breathing and sound techniques. Today this course is available online as The Quantum Regenesis Sacred Sound Meditation Course.

Quantum Regenesis

The Quantum Regenesis is a sacred sound meditation course. It equips you with the best tools to expand your consciousness naturally. By learning the techniques included in the course, you will experience higher creative vision, insight, love, bliss, and consciousness. You will also become capable of manifesting love, relationships, knowledge, business and true wealth in your life!


Guided by David, Crystal and Dr. Lynn Sereda, through this course, you will learn how to master the three bodies. These include the Physical Electric Body, the Astral Body and the Light Body’s nine levels of superlight. You will learn advanced telepathy, accelerated meditation, vision and vision download, super attraction and manifestation. You would also upgrade your DNA, freeing your mind and reaching an enlightened stage.

It is time for a DNA upgrade

“Your DNA is your very own transmitter and receiver, which contains your genetic blueprint. It is your own antenna to the cosmos, your connection to the divine. It was protected and private until recently when it became a target for unwanted frequencies!” explains David.

These unwanted frequencies surround you 24/7. From mobile towers to genetically modified food to Wifi transmitters, there are unnatural vibrations targeting your mind, body, and DNA, to prevent your evolution and enlightenment.

“It is very clear that the dark forces have taken over the physical Earth by attacking the DNA chaotic frequencies of all living things on many levels of operations,” says David, who has had several encounters with celestial beings on his astral journeys.

Today, there are more than 2,500 satellites orbiting the earth that transmit chaotic frequencies to our brain, creating deep pollution for the astral plane. He explains that these evil forces are destroying the health and peace of humankind. These electric frequencies surrounding us are destroying our evolution, health, and prosperity while manipulating our consciousness.

However, with David’s path-breaking research, it is now possible for each one of us to activate our DNA with high vibrational harmonics. This will protect your DNA from unwanted interceptions and harm. These vibrations discovered by David are very powerful as they work on three sets of bodies.

Yes, true enlightenment cannot be sought on a single plane. All human beings have three major sets of bodies:

  1. The physical body
  2. The astral dream body
  3. The light body

Each of these three bodies requires spiritual energy activation, understanding, and techniques for spiritual awakening and secret harmonic practices for a person to become illuminated and liberated.

Further, each of these three bodies has multiple dimensions and pathways. All these pathways need to be nourished to open up the spiritual gateway. This can be achieved by activating your chakras or the energy centers of the body.

David explains: “The physical body has seven glandular centers that correspond to each of the seven energy centers of the body. There are certain natural elixirs made of minerals and crystals that help to enliven these centers. These seven glandular centers correspond to electrical impulses that give birth to and feed the more subtle levels of the electric body and human aura! The seven centers respond positively to harmonic wind, words, and sound if they are tuned properly.”

The Sacred Sound Meditation Course employs spiritual exercises and powerful sounds to activate your energy centers or chakras.

The effect of sound on the human body

It is now proven that sound frequencies can directly alter the functioning of our brain. They also affect the manner in which we perceive the world. In fact, certain frequencies are strong enough to transform our cells and DNA. This can be for good or bad – depending on the nature of the vibrations.
After extensive research on various frequencies such as that of the sun, the planets and their moons and other objects in nature, David found out that these harmonic vibrations affect the human body profoundly. Extending his research, he decoded the lost musical scale of the Great Pyramids. This lost scale is the most perfect musical scale ever.

The lost musical scale of the Great Pyramids

The hidden pyramid harmonics are exceptionally powerful. They have the potential to reprogram the DNA. They can also cure any sickness, expedite healing and help humans achieve their full potential.

But why is this sound so powerful?

The answer is simple. These sounds correspond to the intonation of the seven sacred vowels or tones for ascension to light, as taught by Jesus, in the Gospel of the Egyptians that also tells us that Jesus recited the seven vowels 22 times each.

We all know that 22 divided by seven is Egyptian Pi. This is the formula to determine the distance around a circle. It is evident that the ancient stone builders knew about this magical figure. Clearly, it was used to make the Great Pyramid and is revealed in its dimensions.

David Sereda made these calculations and discovered a perfect harmonic scale. This scale has the most superior tonal quality compared to any musical scale we know of. With continuous experiments, he found that the energy centers in the human body respond to these harmonics. With more scientific and spiritual probing, he established that these perfect harmonics could turn on human DNA. These harmonics could also encode the DNA with the light code.

To understand the effect of the pyramid scale closely, David conducted the GDV Aura Camera testing on three subjects, before and after being subjected to the new pyramid scale in 3-D for 1 hour with the LST Wand Transmitter!

He found that the DNA light was activated by the most perfect harmonics. Coincidentally, the subjects held 80 percent of the light levels on a subsequent day. These astounding results cannot be duplicated even after years of rigorous meditation. However, Quantum Regenesis meditation accelerates the light body activation several times. On average, it takes around a year to fully activate your DNA, according to David. To achieve complete mastery, one needs to master six other levels of tones. Thankfully, the course helps one achieve complete mastery in six years. In general, it takes 30 years of meditation for such advanced results.

Who should enroll for the course?

Ideally, every human being has the ultimate mission of reaching an enlightened state. Sadly, very few find the time to elevate and expand their consciousness and activate their true potential. The Sacred Sound Meditation Course is not only helpful for those who want to propel their spiritual journey but also for those suffering from any kind of diseases, illness, pain, worry, anxiety, physical or emotional stress.

If you are suffering from any of the modern maladies such as:

  • Sickness
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional or mental turmoil
  • Spiritual disconnect

You can greatly benefit from the Sacred Sound Meditation Course focusing on the hidden pyramid harmonics. These vibrations will activate your light body, amplify your intentions and help you feel healthier, calmer, relaxed and happier.

To help all humans share these benefits without meditating for 35 years, David developed the practice of Quantum Regenesis or the Sacred Sound Meditation Course. Practitioners of this simple yet guided meditation course have reported the following benefits:

  • Awakened human potential
  • Raised spiritual resonance
  • Unprecedented clarity and insight
  • A peace that transcends all understanding
  • Programmed subconscious to attract abundance effortlessly

You only need to listen to the sound for 10-20 minutes each day. The course is well structured and easy to follow. Full instructional video with PDF manual is provided for easy reference.

Activate your DNA with light and sound

The training techniques developed by David, Crystal and Dr. Lynn are very advanced. The course comprises physical body activation training, astral body activation training, and light body activation training. To activate these bodies, you need to ‘Re-Genesis’ or be born into light.

However, activation of the bodies requires breath, sound and light activation. In fact, all religions lay importance on the activation of the inner sounds and harmonics to activate the true light. However, it is also correct that this process takes years to master.

Today, each one of us can imbibe this power by understanding Heart-phonics or sound vibrations that open up the heart center. The heart center supports all the chakras in the human body. It is the power center of humans. In this course, you will meditate on powerful frequencies that will activate your heart chakra followed by the other chakras.

Transform your life and be the enlightened being you were born to be

David’s Quantum Regenesis Meditation Course is one of the most powerful healing tools that have ever been available to humankind. While most systems of medicine treat diseases on a physical level, Quantum Regenesis exposes the human body to powerful harmonics. These natural vibrations balance out the energy centers of the body to recreate a wholesome aura. Apart from feeling relaxed and peaceful, most of the users have also reported accelerated healing, reduced physical pain, a general sense of well-being and powerful spiritual experiences as well. What David gained after decades of meditation and research, he has made available to all humankind to achieve in only a few years.

Now you can also raise your spiritual resonance and activate your DNA and light body with this simple, yet powerful, guided meditation based on sound frequencies that profoundly affect all the three human bodies on all planes.

Read more about the course here. You can try the course free for a month to experience the benefits personally.

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Light Body Activation - Quantum Regenesis