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How to Empower Yourself Against a Growing Health Threat Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, is the process of using electrical fields to stimulate a response on a cellular level. By delivering beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs stimulate many of the chemical and electrical processes in the tissues, which result in better health and function.

This process can lead to positive change in the form of reduced stiffness and pain, faster bone healing, an increased range of motion in joints, treating signs of depression, and so much more.


  • Decreased pain
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Circulation
  • Regenerates the Nerves
  • Helps with Wound Healing
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Creates Stronger Bones
  • Your skin cleared up and looks healthier
  • Food cravings have decreased
  • Increased sex drive
  • Feeling more in control of emotions
  • Improved circulation in legs
  • Hearing improved
  • Prostate inflammation decreased
  • Enhance apoptosis of chronic inflammatory cells.
  • Only cells that are out of balance, are affected by PEMF energy


  1. PEMF is used by more than 400,000 people and 4000 athletes in Europe celebrities using it like Shaquille O'Neal, Terrell Owens, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore, Peter Sellers etc.
  2. A report of a series of 240 patients treated with PEMFs in a conservative orthopedic practice decreased pain,
  • increased functionality and ability to take the pressure
  • disappearance of swelling and pathological skin coloration,
  • removal of the need for orthopedic devices and
  • decreased reaction to changes in the weather.

Conditions treated were:

  • rheumatic illnesses,
  • delayed healing process in bones and pseudo-
  • arthritis
  • infections,
  • fractures
  • aseptic necrosis
  • loosened prostheses
  • venous and arterial circulation
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy all stages
  • osteochondritis dissecans
  • osteomyelitis and sprains and strains and bruises


Their success rate approached 80%. Many cases had X-ray improvement. They observed reformation of cartilage/bone tissue in one case of destructive cyst of the hip joint, including reformation of the joint margin. About 60% of loosened hip prostheses subjective relief occurred and ability to walk without a cane.

X-rays frequently showed a seam of absorption which continued after magnetic field therapy was over. One case of Perthes' disease had the complete reformation of the articular head of the hip.


Just as a fish lives moves and has its being in the water, we as humans live in a sea of pulsating magnetic fields here on planet earth. You are probably aware that the earth emits a magnetic field, but you may not realize that this magnetic field changes with time and has a very precise frequency and intensity that drives all life on planet earth.

Much more than a simple directional guidance for birds, bees and human navigation, this pulsed electromagnetic field of the earth is the stimulus, the catalyst, the very spark of all biochemical reactions occurring in life forms.


  1. Pain Management With PEMF Therapy

The issue of pain treatment is an extremely urgent health and socio-economic problem. Pain, in acute, recurrent and chronic forms, is prevalent across age, cultural background, and sex, and costs North American adults an estimated $10,000 to $15,000 per person annually. Estimates of the cost of pain do not include the nearly 30,000 people that die in North America each year due to aspirin-induced gastric lesions 17% of people over 15 years of age suffer from chronic pain that interferes with their normal daily activities.

Studies suggest that at least 1 in 4 adults in North America is suffering from some form of pain at any given moment. This large population of people in pain relies heavily upon the medical community for the provision of pharmacological treatment. Many physicians are now referring chronic pain sufferers to non-drug based therapies, that is, "Complementary and Alternative Medicine," in order to reduce drug dependencies, invasive procedures and/or side effects. The challenge is to find the least invasive, toxic, difficult and expensive approach possible.

The ability to relieve pain is very variable and unpredictable, depending on the source or location of pain and whether it is acute or chronic. Pain mechanisms are complex and have peripheral and central nervous system aspects. Therapies should be tailored to the specifics of the pain process in the individual patient. Psychological issues have a very strong influence on whether and how pain is experienced and whether it will become chronic. Most effective pain management strategies require multiple concurrent approaches, especially for chronic pain. It is rare that a single modality solves the problem.

Magnetic fields affect pain perception in many different ways. These actions are both direct and indirect. Direct effects of magnetic fields are neuron firing, calcium ion movement, membrane potentials, endorphin levels, nitric oxide, dopamine levels, acupuncture actions and nerve regeneration. Indirect benefits of magnetic fields on physiologic function are on: circulation, muscle, edema, tissue oxygen, inflammation, healing, prostaglandins, cellular metabolism and cell energy levels.

Most studies on pain use subjective measures to quantitate baseline and outcome values. Subjective perception of pain using a visual analog scale (VAS) and pain drawings is 95% sensitive and 88% specific for current pain in the neck and shoulders and thoracic spine.

Even Repetitive magnetic stimulation (RMS) has been found to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Specific diagnoses were painful shoulder with abnormal supraspinatus tendon, tennis elbow, ulnar compression syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, semilunar bone injury, traumatic amputation neuroma of the median nerve, persistent muscle spasm of the upper and lower back, inner hamstring tendinitis, patellofemoral arthrosis, osteochondral lesion of the heel and posterior tibial tendinitis. Patients received RMS for 40 minutes.

AMS was applied. 8,000 pulsed magnetic stimuli were applied in 40 min sessions. A VAS rated pain severity. Mean pain intensity 59% lower vs 14% for sham treated. Patients with amputation neuroma and patellofemoral arthritis obtained no benefit. Those with upper back muscle spasms, rotator cuff injury and osteochondral heel lesions showed more than 85% decrease in pain even after a single IMS session. Pain relief persists for several days. None had to worsening of their pain.

And Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) also affect the growth of bone and cartilage in vitro, with potential application as an arthritis treatment. PEMF stimulation is already a proven remedy for delayed fractures, with the potential clinical application for osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis of bone, osteoporosis, and wound healing. Static magnets may provide temporary pain relief under certain circumstances.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMFs) have been designed for use as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of chronic pain in humans. Recent evidence suggests that PEMFs would also be an effective complement for treating patients suffering from acute pain.

Weight Loss with PEMF therapy

Weight Loss can be accelerated with the use of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy. Most of us have problems losing weight for a number of reasons. Stress, poor diet and the "electronic smog" all around us, take an enormous toll on our body. Perhaps the biggest reason for weight gain is slow metabolism. In this article, you will see you how PEMF can increase your metabolism to help speed up your weight loss efforts.

PEMF devices like the QRS Quantron Resonance System and the MRS 2000+ energize all 80 trillion cells in our body and assist in speeding up the metabolism. Our cells operate like tiny generated batteries. A cell that is strong operates between 50-70 Millivolts. A cell under 40 Millivolts starts to become fatigued. Over time these low energy cells start to stack up like coins, slowing down the metabolism. Weight loss is more difficult, at the same time weight gain becomes easier.

Having more energy going throughout your body creates less fatigue. Less fatigue helps your body and mind stay motivated. Other changes you can notice over time.

Weight loss can be accelerated with PEMF therapy. The QRS Quantron Resonance System is the best health investment I have ever made. I won't go a day without it and neither should you because your health and your metabolism depend on it - and it shows how much weight you gain or lose.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, Cell Injury, and Anti-Aging Benefits

Everybody has at least millions of cells in the process of cell injury on a constant, daily basis. Unresolved cell injury, leads to cell death and contributes to and accelerates human aging. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) operate at the individual cell level, in every organ of the body, to help reverse cell injury, especially when used early in the injury process.

To prevent and reverse cell injury at the earliest stages requires daily use of PEMF's throughout adult life. Waiting for cell injury to get to the point of obvious disease or negative health conditions, allows aging to progress unnoticed, not to mention having all the consequences of the disease.


With about 70 trillion cells in an adult body, cell injury is common and repair is ongoing. Wherever there are pain, suffering and, dysfunction there is cell injury. PEMFs can be used to improve body function and reduce the effects of cell injury. Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF's, at the right intensities, penetrate through the entire body affecting every cell in their path. Either whole body or smaller more intense PMFs affect all the cells in the body.

The book Magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe reviews the use of PEMFs for various medical applications and some of the known mechanisms of how PEMF's work in biology.

The classic effects of PMFs touch almost all aspects of cell injury, especially early in the injury process.

They work to:
  • reduce edema,
  • improve circulation,
  • open cell membrane channels,
  • increase production of ATP,
  • stimulate repair mechanisms

PEMF Devices

When looking for a PEMF device, it is of paramount importance that you find one that can deeply penetrate the human body. Many units on the market struggle to do this successfully.

Without this, your body will not receive the proper benefits that it should, and you will have wasted both time and money. You should conduct research, prepare yourself, and then make the correct decision the first time around.

7 Tips You Need to Know Before Purchasing a PEMF Therapy Device

Tip #1: Make sure to get a full-body mat. You will be disappointed with cheaper devices that offer only local treatment. Plus the companies that sell the full body mats usually do come with a local applicator anyway. The real benefit rests in the full body treatment. The MRS 2000, Bemer 3000, QRS Quantron, Magno-pro and Curatron are the best machines that sell full body PEMF.

Tip#2: It is critical to use only machines with low intensities between 0 and 50 uT (microtesla). ALL the top companies (MRS 2000, QRS Quantron and Bemer 3000) found that the lower intensities work better than the stronger intensities. Here, MORE IS NOT BETTER. In Fact, it's the opposite. The lesser field strengths actually worked better in clinical studies.

Tip#3: Try to find a device with frequencies that are close to nature. The best frequency range is around .5 to 15 Hz. Nature produces pulsed magnetic frequencies in this range (i.e., Schumann frequencies, 7.83, 14.2 Hz, and the polar frequencies 11.2 Hz). Further EEG studies show that brain wave patterns are in this range .5 (delta) to 15 (high Beta) Hz.

Tip#4: It is important that the PEMF machine switches polarity every couple minutes. This is critical because the body will acclimate to a constant north pole or south pole polarity.

Tip#5: Make sure the unit has a good warranty. I recommend finding a machine with at least a 3-year warranty. These devices are expensive and very sensitive, so you want to make sure you are covered.

Tip#6: Check to see if you will be supported AFTER you buy. Everybody is different and you may need a little help to ensure you get the full benefit of the machine.

Tip#7: Look for a PEMF machine with Chinese Organ Clock or at least a machine that adjusts the frequencies to different times of the day. For example, you want to be energized in the morning, but at night that would keep you awake. At night you want to be relaxed. Most machines do not have this option, so it's important to ask.


Light Stream™ Mantra Coils - World's Most Advanced PEMF Therapy Machine


What makes the Light Stream Coil "light-years" ahead of other PEMF devices?

It is the only PEMF Therapy Device in the world that incorporates all these amazing technologies into 1 system:
  • DNA Restructuring Quantum Frequencies (122 Waveforms Available)
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)
  • Phase-Conjugation Electromagnetic Vortex Field
  • Tachyon Faster Than Light Energy
  • Piezoelectric Gem Ion Effect
  • Light Stream™ Tachyon Energy Gem Laser Acupuncture Pen:

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This was proven by Physicist Dr. Raymond Chiao when he got photons to move faster than light by passing a laser through silica and quartz.

PEMF Machine

PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy is a hot new natural healing modality that is just now becoming widespread in North America, though it is commonplace in Europe. PEMF is incredibly well researched with hundreds of clinical studies.

Compared to Other Coils, These Are Life Force Harmonizer Unique Features

  • Only coil with up to 100 foot diameter
  • For use to protect entire home
  • Only PEMF device that uses vortex shape (like galaxy, nature, flowers, corals) electromagnetic field
  • Only PEMF that uses quantum waveforms based on nature's frequencies, more than just earth frequency
  • Only PEMF with phase conjugation technology, to enhance body's torsion field
  • Only PEMF device with gem ions technology - gems ions are beneficial to nervous system.