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It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Cheryl and the energy work that she does. Cheryl is knowledgeable and caring and her years in the medical field give a wisdom and practical application to the service that she provides. I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit.

I have always felt better and more in-tune after a session and have seen positive results with myself and others. Cheryl takes the time to meet with you and her space is very welcoming and accommodating. I would highly recommend scheduling a session or joining her in the various workshops that she offers.
Erie, Pa.

I am writing to attest to my positive experience with Cheryl and and her magic wand named Wanda using Rife frequencies Over the past few years I have experiences back pain, tooth pain and a host of other issues due to diabetes.

Cheryl's extensive training and use of her knowledge has continually helped me with any health issues I have had along the way. Pain has been eliminated, or greatly reduced under her care using the frequencies. I have attended her Chakra classes and essential oils classes, all of which helped support me and assisted in pain relief. Cheryl is a dedicated and knowledgeable healer and am blessed she fell into my life.

In Gratitude,

New York
Chautauqua County

Testimony of Dean DeSpain fight with cancer

I am a 72-year-old male married to a great husband, a business man, Prison Chaplain and Youth pastor for many years. When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years.

But this last one was the worst. It was a fast-moving RARE form of cancer Called Merkel Cell cancer. In just 6 months having to return to the Dr’s the cancer tumor on the side of my face was the side of an Idaho potato. It would eventually move down my throat making eating and drinking not an option.

The VA Dr. told me I had 12 months to live, and there was no known medical treatment for me as with Merkel radiation and chemo would not work, and if it did it would slow it down maybe but the rare chance of me living past 12 months is very slim.

Well at that time I knew I was going to die, and after telling my husband on his birthday, that I was going to die, we had a tearful event. As a very last resort I agreed against my desires and will to go into the VA hospital for chemo as a last effort to keep me alive.

The next day they told me they changed their minds and were going to use immunotherapy instead of chemo. Immunotherapy was a more non-invasive form with less side effects. Now remember up to this point the VA only used chemo and radiation for cancer patients. And thank God, they started to use alternative treatments.

Now let’s go back several months as a friend of mine had told me about this new form of cancer therapy call frequency with a man called David Sereda. I was interested and wanted to order the wand and equipment because I felt I had to try. It took approximately 4 weeks for the different equipment to arrive.

After weeks of research I found out that every illness has s certain frequency. When using the wand, it sends special selected frequencies from the wand into the body, and destroys the Merkel Carcinoma cells and Not the rest of the good cells. I really didn’t get much help from David.

Then came another miracle, I had heard stories of a retired nurse Cheryl who has been working with the wand for years and healing many cancer patients. Through Dennis I got ahold of her and that was a true blessing. She was the first person to really help me understand the wand and the correct use of it and sending me additional useful frequencies.

I now use the wand for my treatment 3 times a day and the tumor on my face is slowly starting to reduce in size. And I believe in a month or so, it will be GONE. Yes, I am using a new immunotherapy drug treatment called Avelumab once every 3 weeks.

But the good news is that the tumor on the side of my face is going away, as I keep using the frequency and the wand. To show you how much Cheryl has helped me, Cheryl told me her and her husband were up and moved to pray and send healing energy to me at 11 pm at night, so they lit a candle and prayed for my continued recovery.

That touched my heart so much. Cheryl has prayed over the phone with me several times and spent much additional time, effort, prayer time on my behalf without any money or reward. I want to learn how to be of service to other cancer patients like she does. She has helped and is continuing to help me in my recovery process. I now have hope.

I am a state Notary Agent and need to get back to work, but had to get this face tumor problem solved. Let me share with you that the Merkel cancer has spread down my body into my kidneys, liver and into my spine. It is a very serious thing, and I do not believe the 12 months to live from the VA hospital was correct; I have a loving God who cares about me.

So here is the bottom line with special people like Cheryl giving me help, instructions, and guidance, I will recover from this life threatening illness and will be a living testimony to the power of the wand and frequency therapy to overcome any cancer or illness. I simple could not of done this without the help from Cheryl.

I bless you all with love and faith, and hope, and know this will be the best year of our lives

Orange Co. CA

I have been learning from Cheryl for about 3 years. I have attended classes in her home and have seen her meet with individual clients in their homes. The information is always well received and very helpful when the client follows through with what it suggested.

My daughter had her thyroid blood work tested and it came back at zero, her thyroid was not working and they suggested she see a specialist right away. She got an appointment but it was 3 months away, I called Cheryl as a very concerned mother asking for her help. Cheryl came to my home to meet with my daughter and to see how to to help her. My daughter is 33 yrs old and has 2 children so she is not a child but took the advise from me to meet with Cheryl.

Her session last a couple of hours and my daughter was given suggestions of nature products to start using. My daughter had follow up blood work down before her appointment and her numbers were 1.5 ( 3 is normal) she and I were so excited and so was her personal doctor. She still has to see the specialist soon but hopefully she will not have to be placed on medication. My daughter and I both agree that Cheryl was right on with what she had suggested and the blood work proves it.

I too have had made adjustments to my diet and supplements that I take from the advise of Cheryl and I have had great improvements in my health. One of the big ones is that I now have been taken off all my diabetic medications and am maintaining with diet and exercise.

I had a AC1 of 7 and last month I was tested and I am 6... now considered pre-diabetic. I had been diabetic on medications for 15 years!!

Wonderful teacher and person Cheryl is and I know she has great positive intentions for help others!! I am thankful for having the time I have shared with her to learn and grow.

Falconer, New York

We came to know Cheryl on a radio program with David Sereda. Her kindness was evident as she talked about her choice to help others heal physically, mentally and spiritually. She spoke for her experience with Cancer patients. I was diagnosed in August of 2017 with Ovarian Cancer.

I have chosen to treat this cancer without poisons, fear and cutting. Cheryl states that healing is rarely achieved through burning, poisoning and cutting. This resonated with my approach to treating my body with kindness. In consultation with Cheryl, initially to learn to use the wand for treatment, we were treated to a truly broad plan which inspired hope and support.

These two qualities are important on this special journey. We are instructed on dietary needs, forgiveness needs, reflexology support and education. Symptoms become signs of healing. The fear is lessened and the journey can go on. She inspires you to keep going forward and not get stuck in the current pain, live in the past or let the future be nothing but fear and loss. Ending a session with Cheryl is like getting a well needed hand of support and a wink from God. She is a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate healer who is well fit for her calling.

We thank you for your kindness, friendship and gifts. You make the world warmer and full of light

Quantum energy healing pendants to improve all aspects of your life / Scientifically proven quantum energy healing pendants for holistic wellness

In the fast-paced world of today, as the incidence of stress and deadly diseases such as cancer rises rampantly, wellness has become the top priority for many. However, wellness is a multi-faceted term that covers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in its ambit. However, more often than not, while we take care of our physical health through a controlled diet and workouts, we are unable to achieve holistic wellness that requires a connection between the body, the conscious mind, and the higher self.

Great men and sages have spent years meditating, learning from all the ancient religions of the world, to achieve this holistic state of wellness. But, does that mean it is impossible for the modern man to be healthy in all respects, considering the paucity of time and the fast pace of life that is often hard to keep up with?

Luckily, the answer to that question is ‘No’. Thanks to men like David Sereda, a renowned author, spiritual genius, and free-thinking space and quantum scientist, who has worked with world-class physicists and has spent years meditating, learning and experimenting - expanding his consciousness in the process to understand the co-relation between vibrations of specific frequencies and their effect on human wellness.

David Sereda, guided by the celestial beings he encountered on his meditative journeys, developed a system of spiritual enhancement through tested and proven meditative, breathing and sound techniques that are dramatically amplified with quantum harmonic technology (coined "Light Stream" technologies).

But how does one gain from this technology, without meditating for 35 years like David, you would wonder?

Luckily, David had thought about that - leading to the inception of Light Stream jewelry or the powerful Quantum Healing Pendant.

Stones - Nature's Reservoirs of Sacred Energy

Stones are known to have a great hidden purpose in nature. In fact, even the scientific community believes that stones possess untapped power as well as the capacity to retain and transmit information.

David uses this intrinsic property of stones to hold and transmit vibrations to create powerful and artistic pieces of jewelry that promote holistic wellness.

“The infusion process is a combination of modern and ancient technology of stones as record keepers and harnessers of energy. We use a compact nuclear fusion device to program our stones and jewelry…This process is a unique method of quantum energy technology that allows the memory of known balancing, healing and energetic frequencies to be precisely locked into each stone and crystal, which is somewhat like information being stored on CD's or DVD's,” explains David.
The Quantum Healing Pendant

Quantum healing is a form of alternative medicine that draws ideas from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. It proposes quantum phenomena as being responsible for the health and well being of individuals. There are a number of quantum ideas that form the basis of these theories, with energy and vibration being the most popular ones.

David developed the idea of quantum healing through specific vibrations by infusing these vibrations in natural stones with his Light Stream Technology. These stones are then used to design tasteful pendants and earrings, enabling people to use them regularly, receiving the unparalleled benefits apart from making a style statement.

David explains that he uses a series of five quantum energy generators to place spiritual or natural harmonic vibrations into stone, crystal, metal or natural materials. His unique range of Light Stream jewelry is designed and treated with the energies and shapes of the quantum and macro universe creating beautiful pieces that give the wearer access to infinite life energy!
Scientifically Proven Technology

While ancient religions spoke of powerful stones that stored spiritual vibrations, David went on to prove these claims scientifically with his Light Stream jewelry.

Light Stream™ Technologies uses quantum technology to put a zero-point energy conduit, healing or spiritual prayer vibrations in their jewelry. The vibrations emitted by the jewelry can be felt by anyone who touches it and also be measured scientifically.
How Quantum Energy Healing Pendant Works?

Light Stream Quantum Vibrational Jewelry is Energized and Treated with the elds of the Quantum Universe's Energy. The pendants are available in various designs, each having a different vibration associated with it that moves through your body and mind, amplifying your higher potential.
EMF Protection Pendant

It is now known that the strong EMFs generated by modern technology lead to imbalances in the human body and cause several health risks by interfering with the body’s natural energy field. Prolonged exposure leads to several adverse effects such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and a weakened immune system. However, these risks can be eliminated when wearing a powerful scalar pendant or merely placing it in your pocket or between yourself and an electronic device.

The quantum healing pendants are specifically designed to balance your energy field and protect you from the harmful EMFs. The quantum infusion process diffuses a high-frequency subtle scar energy field that throws lower frequency EMFs emitted by electronic devices and lessens the damaging effects. This technology alters the radiation carried by EMFs to align in a parallel way. This reduces and quietens the energy fields on an unlimited quantum level reducing the interference of these harmful emissions with your body.

These quantum stones have proven ability to reduce headaches, insomnia, and exhaustion, which are mainly caused by the effects of EMFs.
Quantum Healing Pendant to Strengthen your Chakras

All the Light Stream™ Pendants help elevate your vibrations and strengthen your auric field, explicitly protecting you from the harmful effects of EMFs. Also, by increasing the vibrations, these pendants help realign your vital chakras to a harmonious and more balanced state.

As you may be aware, most diseases are a result of the imbalances in the body chakras. These quantum stones naturally increase your vibrations, realigning the chakras that cures several diseases, elevates the state of consciousness and leads to enlightenment as well as better emotional and physical well being.

Choosing your Pendant

All stones have their unique energy field, depending on their crystalline structure. Based on your requirement, different rocks emit specific energies within each person.

Some favorite designs include the Vortex, Trinity, Trillion, Sun Ray and Flower of Life pendants. These pendants resonate the energy of the scalar wave frequency infusions that are used to ease a variety of conditions, such as chronic or symptomatic pain.

However, whichever design you choose, each time you wear a pendant, your vibration goes higher, and you experience:

  • Accelerated healing & regeneration
  • Raise your spiritual resonance
  • Brainwave & mind power enhancement
  • Maximum EMF radiation protection
  • Amplify your human potential.

Using Your Quantum Therapy Healing Pendant

Depending on the design and type of stone you choose, you can experience the following benefits with your healing pendant.

Your personal EMF safeguard

Your body produces an electromagnetic field (EMF) that is disturbed by the intense EMFs produced by the usage of computers, televisions, microwaves, Bluetooth headsets, X-Ray scanning machines, etc. While the usage of these devices, like many others, cannot be stopped, the quantum healing pendant offers a powerful alternative to protect yourself from the harmful effects through its long-lasting infused Light Stream frequencies and harmonic vibrations that scatter the harmful EMFs, reducing the interference with your body.

Power your meditation

You can choose your quantum healing pendant according to the design or stone, as each design and stone has a different quality and vibration associated with it, such as the meditation stones that will help you raise your spiritual resonance and expand your consciousness.

You can use stone pendants and meditation stones such as calming blues, healing greens and clarifying amethysts to enhance your vibrations and energy flow. Use your stone or necklace during meditation by holding it between your thumb and index fingers of both the hands to create a connection between the left and right side of your brain.

As your vibrations rise, the connection between your brain will manifest your desires to the Universe with greater power, enhancing the effect of the law of attraction.

Manifest your desires into reality

Quantum healing pendants with Light Stream stone technology lead to harmonic balance and escalated vibrations in your natural energy field that lead to holistic healing, opens up higher communication channels and manifests your desires strongly.

Crystal healing massage

Vibrational stones are used to integrate auric energies and balance the chakras through a simple healing procedure. Warm your source pendant in warm or hot water and place them along the spine, according to your chakra, after a crystal healing massage to balance or energize your chakras, enlivening the energy along the spine.

Global healing

Apart from healing your body and mind, these powerful pendants can be used to invoke the global consciousness.

The Light Stream stones increase an individual’s measurable voltage and broaden its energy field. If used among groups of people, these stones can develop the power, clarity, and the energy of global messages or awareness through prayers of healing and peace.

Each person in the group should hold these stones or pendants while centering on the objectives as a group to strengthen the message. When these groups send out prayers and messages while holding or wearing the pieces, their messages and prayers of global healing and peace will be sent with more energy & clarity.

Boost physical and mental performance

High vibration pendants such as red jasper or hemitate are highly invigorating for athletes and those who are always on the go. For athletes, is advisable to wear a pendant that is a combination of natural stone and metal to peak their performance. Even if you cannot wear the pendant during the event, wearing it regularly for 3-7 days before the event will help you achieve great results. Wearing or holding the pendant after the event will help rejuvenate your system, restoring your body voltage after the demanding activity. The increased body voltage due to these stones can be seen on a voltmeter.

Better focus for students

Light Stream Technology infused stones are extremely beneficial for students. Often parents resort to memory pills and other remedies to help their children increase focus and retention, however, with quantum healing pendants, there is a safer and much more powerful alternative to improve your child’s grades.

Students can carry these stones during examinations as well as during lessons to improve their retention and focus.

Crystal grids to protect your home

You can choose the stones that match your intentions and use them to create grids for your home to keep it tidy and sacred. Besides, wearing your stone close to your heart chakra will protect it from harmful radiations.
Quantum Energy Healing Pendants For Holistic Wellness

Hundreds of people across the world have benefitted from using David’s powerful healing pendants – from healing to relaxation to better concentration and focus – satisfied customers have reported tremendous results, in addition to feeling happier and more peaceful in general.

All the stones are infused with the desired frequencies through a Compact Nuclear Fusion Generator and curated by experienced Master Artisans. Each stone comes with a 100% money-back guarantee on workmanship. You can read more about choosing the right stone and design for your requirement here.