subject: [NEW] Quantum Entanglement Protection - What is Q.E.P.?
Hello Seeker,
*Cell phone radiation
*Microwave towers
*Harmful EMF’s
*Even mind control...
Are you scared of how frequencies are harming your mind and body, or your children's
In fact, many studies are beginning to show that harmful EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) may be the cause of cancer, as well as many severe mental disorders.
So for the last year, I have been figuring out how I can protect you and everyone on the planet, and I have developed something quite amazing!
It’s called the Quantum Entanglement Protection Program (QEP).
You see…
If you separate samples of your DNA a large distance, they are still connected (entangled) in ZERO time… faster than the speed of light!
Many experiments have been done to prove this, from mammals to crystals to electrons.
In fact, Einstein discovered this too and was totally freaked out because it violated his Relativity Theory.
He could not explain why it was happening, but can only observe that it was indeed happening!
He called in “Spooky Action At A Distance”.
So based on this science, I have developed technology that could protect you anywhere that you are on earth or even beyond.  And protect your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
You can receive subtle healing energies, consciousness enhancement frequencies, and even abundance attractors!
Every day without lifting a finger!
All I need is your hair sample!
That’s right, because every person’s DNA is a unique signature, your hair will connect you to my healing frequencies and you and only you will receive it.
Everyone is excited about this program, because it is truly revolutionary!!!
When will QEP be available?
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-David Sereda
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