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Quantum Healing Frequencies 

Ever thought that the secret to your wellness was locked in stone? Did you know that stones could store and send energy?

David infuses natural stones with powerful, harmonic vibrations. Now, he has put this power of healing in your hands.

David’s Light Stream Technology jewelry is scientifically designed to protect you from the evils of modern technology. Read on to know more…

The Malady of Modern Times

Today, the incidence of stress and deadly diseases has increased rampantly. This has, in turn, made wellness the top priority for many.

Wellness is a multi-faceted term. It covers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in its ambit. Today, most of us take care of our physical health through controlled diet and workouts. Yet, we are unable to achieve holistic wellness.

Complete wellness requires a connection between the body, the mind, and higher consciousness. To achieve this state, great men and sages have spent years meditating. They read all the ancient religions of the world, to achieve this holistic state of wellness.

But, does that mean it is impossible for the modern man to be healthy in all respects? Especially considering the paucity of time and the fast pace of life that is often hard to keep up with?

Luckily, the answer to that question is ‘No.’ Thanks to men like David Sereda who have found the key to wellness for everyone. David is a renowned author, spiritual genius, and free-thinking space and quantum scientist. He has worked with world-class physicists and spent years meditating, learning and experimenting.

He meditated regularly to expand his consciousness. He also experimented with vibrations of various frequencies over the years. In the process, he discovered the effect of vibrations of specific frequencies on human wellness.

David Sereda was guided by the celestial beings he encountered on his meditative journeys. They helped him develop a system of spiritual enhancement. The system uses tested and proven meditative, breathing and sound techniques. It is further amplified with quantum harmonic technology (coined “Light Stream” technologies).

But, how does one gain from this technology? That, too, without meditating for 35 years like David, you would wonder?

Luckily, David had thought about that. Thus, he invented the Light Stream jewelry so that everyone could enjoy the technology.

Stones – Nature’s Reservoirs of Sacred Energy

Stones are known to have a great hidden purpose in nature. In fact, even the scientific community believes that stones have untapped power. They are believed to have the capacity to store and send information.

David uses this intrinsic property of stones in creating the powerful quantum pendants. The artistic pieces of jewelry can hold and send vibrations. This makes them ideal for promoting holistic wellness.

“The infusion process is a combination of modern and ancient technology of stones as record keepers and harnessers of energy. We use a compact nuclear fusion device to program our stones and jewelry. This process is a unique method of quantum energy technology. It allows the memory of known balancing, healing and energetic frequencies to be locked into each stone and crystal, which is somewhat like information being stored on CD’s or DVD’s,” explains David.

The Quantum Healing Pendant

Quantum healing is a form of alternative medicine. It draws ideas from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. It proposes quantum phenomena as being responsible for the health and well being of individuals. Many quantum ideas form the basis of these theories. Energy and vibration are the most popular ones.

David developed the idea of quantum healing through specific vibrations. He infuses these vibrations into natural stones with his Light Stream Technology. These stones are then used to design tasteful pendants and earrings. The beautiful jewelry can be used daily to receive its benefits apart from making a style statement.

David explains that he uses a series of
five quantum energy generators to
place spiritual or natural harmonic vibrations into stone, crystal, metal or natural materials. His unique range of Light Stream jewelry is designed and treated with the energies and shapes of the quantum and macro universe. This helps him create beautiful pieces that give the wearer access to infinite life energy!

Proven Technology?

Ancient religions spoke of powerful stones that stored spiritual vibrations. But David went on to prove these claims with his Light Stream jewelry.

Light Stream™ Technologies uses quantum technology to put a zeropoint energy conduit, healing or spiritual prayer vibrations in their jewelry. Anyone can feel the vibrations emitted by the quantum pendant. They can also be measured scientifically.

How Quantum Energy Healing Pendant Works?

Light Stream Quantum Vibrational Jewelry is energized and Treated with the elds of the Quantum Universe’s Energy. The pendants are available in various designs. Each design has a different vibration associated with it. These vibrations move through your body and mind, amplifying your higher potential.

EMF Protection Pendant

It is now known that the strong EMFs generated by modern technology lead to imbalances in the human body. This causes several health risks by interfering with the body’s natural energy field. Prolonged exposure leads to several adverse effects. These include fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and a weakened immune system.

Elimination of these risks is possible by wearing a powerful scalar pendant. You could even place one in your pocket or between yourself and an electronic device.
The quantum healing pendants are designed to balance your energy field. They work well to protect you from the
harmful EMFs. The quantum infusion process diffuses a high-frequency subtle scar energy field. This energy field scatters the lower frequency EMFs emitted by electronic devices.

The pendants alter the radiation carried by EMFs to align in a parallel way. They cut and quieten the energy fields on an unlimited quantum level. Thus, minimizing the damaging effects of these EMFs.

All quantum stones have proven ability to reduce headaches, insomnia, and exhaustion caused by EMFs.

Quantum Healing Pendant to Strengthen your Chakras

The Light Stream™ pendants help elevate your vibrations and strengthen your auric field. They explicitly protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs. Also, by increasing the vibrations, these pendants help realign your vital chakras to a harmonious and more balanced state.
As you may be aware, most diseases are a result of the imbalances in the body chakras. These quantum stones increase your vibrations and realign the chakras. They cure several diseases and promote physical and emotional well being. Besides, they also elevate the state of consciousness that leads to enlightenment.

Choosing your Pendant

All stones have their unique energy field, depending on their crystalline structure. Based on your need, different rocks emit specific energies within each person.
Some favorite designs include the Vortex, Trinity, Trillion, Sun Ray and Flower of Life pendants. Each pendant
resonates the energy of the scalar wave frequency infusions. They can be used to ease a variety of conditions, including chronic or symptomatic pain.

Whichever design you choose, each time you wear a pendant, your
vibration goes higher, and you experience:

  • Accelerated healing & regeneration
  • Raise your spiritual resonance
  • Brainwave & mind power enhancement
  • Greatest EMF radiation protection
  • Amplify your human potential
Using Your Quantum Therapy Healing Pendant

The effect of your pendant depends on the design and type of stone you choose. You can experience the following benefits with your healing pendant:

Your personal EMF safeguard

Human bodies produce an electromagnetic field (EMF). This natural field is disturbed by the intense EMFs produced by various gadgets. Computers, televisions, microwaves, Bluetooth headsets, X-Ray scanning machines, etc. are common culprits.

Yet, we cannot stop using these devices even in our wildest dreams. Luckily, the quantum healing pendant offers a powerful alternative to protect yourself. These pendants reduce the interference of harmful vibrations with your body. They use infused Light Stream frequencies and harmonic vibrations to scatter the harmful EMFs and protect your body.

Power your meditation

You can choose your quantum healing pendant according to the design or stone. Each design and stone has a different quality and vibration associated with it.

For example, you can use meditation stones to raise your spiritual resonance and expand your consciousness. Stones such as calming blues, healing greens and clarifying amethysts help to enhance your vibrations and energy flow.

You can use your stone or necklace during meditation. Hold it between your thumb and index fingers of both the hands while meditating. This creates a connection between the left and right side of your brain.

Now, as you meditate, your vibrations would rise. The connection between your brain will manifest your desires to the Universe. It will add greater power to your message, enhancing the effect of the law of attraction.

Manifest your desires into reality

Quantum healing pendants with Light Stream stone technology lead to harmonic balance. They also escalate vibrations in your natural energy field. This helps in achieving holistic healing. It also opens up higher communication channels and manifests your desires strongly.

Crystal healing massage

You can use vibrational stones to integrate auric energies. They also help to balance the chakras through a simple healing procedure. To use, first warm your source pendant in warm or hot water. Now place them along the spine, according to your chakra, after a crystal healing massage. This will balance or energize your chakras, enlivening the energy along the spine.

Global healing

Quantum healing pendants do more than healing your body and mind. It is possible to use these powerful pendants to invoke the global consciousness.

The Light Stream stones increase an individual’s measurable voltage and broaden its energy field. If used among groups of people, these stones can develop the power, clarity, and the energy of global messages or awareness through prayers of healing and peace.

Each person in the group should hold these stones or pendants while meditating. Their thoughts should focus on the objectives as a group to strengthen the message. When these groups send out prayers and messages while holding or wearing the pieces, their messages and prayers of global healing and peace will be sent with more energy and clarity.

Boost physical and mental performance

High vibration pendants such as red jasper or hemitate are invigorating for athletes. They are also helpful for active people who are always on the go.

Athletes can peak their performance through a combination of natural stone and metal. They can wear the pendant during the event for better performance. Wearing the pendant for 3-7 days before the event also improves efficiency.

Wearing or holding the pendant after the event will rejuvenate your system. It will restore your body voltage after the demanding activity. You can see the increased body voltage due to these stones on a voltmeter.

Better focus for students

Light Stream Technology infused stones are beneficial for students. There is no need to use memory pills to improve your child’s focus and retention. Use the quantum healing pendants as a safer alternative to improve your child’s grades.

Students can carry these stones during examinations. They can also use these stones during lessons to improve their retention and focus.

Crystal grids to protect your home

Choose the stones that match your intentions. Now use them to create grids for your home to keep it tidy and sacred. Besides, you also benefit from wearing your stone close to your heart chakra. It will protect you from harmful radiations.

Quantum Energy Healing Pendants For Holistic Wellness

People across the world have benefitted from using David’s powerful healing pendants. Satisfied customers have reported tremendous results. These include healing, relaxation, and better concentration. Most users also reported feeling happier and more peaceful in general.

A Compact Nuclear Fusion Generator infuses the stones with the desired frequencies. Besides, experienced Master Artisans curate each stone. Every stone comes with a 100% money-back guarantee on workmanship. You can read more about choosing the right stone and design for your need here.



Buy Quantum Healing Frequencies

Quantum Healing Frequencies