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    David’s Light Stream Wand – World’s most advanced Rife machine

    David Sereda, at Light Stream Technologies, studied secret curves of natural vibrations and recorded them on audio files. He mathematically decoded the frequencies of the golden ratio, infinity, stars, sun, earth, various planets, and even the pyramids. He used these to create the perfect solution to disharmonic field vibrations in the form of the Light Stream Wand.

    This scientifically tested pathbreaking product enables each one of us to be in control of our frequencies. Treatment with the Light Stream Wand helps you achieve a better state of mind, enhances your aura, and rejuvenates and harmonizes your DNA. It also lets you improve your food, vitamins, and even water.

    Many people across the world have benefitted from the Light Stream Wand. They have used it to cure specific diseases such as cancer and Lyme. All the users also reported better health and alacrity.

    The Light Stream Wand makes your aura whole again. It ensures that you feel as wonderful as you look. In short, it expands your consciousness, health, beauty, and intelligence.

    The Light Stream Wand is 30 times more effective than any Rife machine. It can operate much more programmes as compared to a Rife machine. It is a compelling product for mind and body enhancement. You can buy one at a fraction of the price of a Rife frequency generator machine.

    Here’s what is included when you buy the Light Stream Wand:

        • Handcrafted Light Stream Wand ($3995 Value)
        • David Sereda’s quantum frequency collection ($1100 Value)
        • High Quality 33-Watt Tube Amplifier ($300 Value)
        • 25-foot cord
        • Audio connecting cables
        • Instructional Audio
        • Connecting PDF Manual

    The device is an excellent alternative to ongoing medication, and you don’t even need to be in contact with it. The Light Stream Wand generates a vortex electromagnetic field about 3-5 feet in diameter. You only need to be around it to experience the benefits.


    The Light Stream Wand is a holistic wellness tool. It comes with the complete collection of David Sereda harmonic programs ($500 Value).

    “The Light Stream Wand acts as the best Rife healing frequency transmitter we have tested to date! It is the world’s most advanced Rife machine and quantum healing device. I am glad to introduce a high-power science and spirituality tool for energy balancing, healing, chakra activation, water and food restructuring, and energy clearing of architectural spaces! This wand is so powerful it will amaze you!” quips David.

    The users of Light Stream Wand can expect the following benefits:

        • Accelerated deep healing & regeneration
        • Program your mind & body for anything
        • Enhance your mental and psychic abilities
        • Amplify your power to create, manifest and attract abundance
        • Explore uncharted realms of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences
        • Enhance potency and effectiveness of herbs, supplements or medicines
        • Restructure the water in your food
        • Restructure your drinking water
        • Deepen your meditation, prayers, and spiritual practices
        • Enhance your brain balance and function
        • Raise your spiritual awareness and resonance

    These positive effects have been reported by users over the past eight years. Users have also reported significant success in treating the following diseases:

        • Prostate Cancer
        • Pancreas Cancer
        • “Irreparable” Nerve damage
        • Arthritis
        • Knee and joint damage
        • Back pain
        • Neck pain
        • Lyme Disease
        • Post-Traumatic Depression (PTSD)
        • Postpartum Depression
    Healing frequencies used in the Light Stream Wand

    The Light Stream Wand uses very precise frequencies. These frequencies have much deeper potential than random numbers within these bands, as used in a regular Rife machine. Each frequency designed by David is precise. It has its own meaning and place in nature or one of the universal elements.

    To aid your healing or achieve your particular objectives, you can employ different frequencies. Each frequency has a distinct effect on your body and mind. Some of the frequencies that you would commonly use are:

        • Delta 0.001 – 4 hertz – Deep healing state found in babies and infants
        • Theta 4 – 8 hertz – Healing and dreaming state
        • Alpha 8 – 14 hertz – Organizing your thinking into a coherent state
        • Beta 14 – 30 hertz – Mild to moderate physical activity or mind activity
        • Gamma 30 plus – Peak physical mind activity

    In addition to using the well-known Rife and other frequencies for treating illness and disease, David Sereda developed several very useful programs for improving creativity, insight and inducing visions as well.

    David calculates the frequencies from nature by dividing the speed of light with the wavelength of the planetary body/object in question. With this equation, he has worked out the frequencies of each of the planets, the prime numbers, the Great Pyramid, Phi as well as infinity.

    The Nine Planet Frequencies

    Most frequencies of the nine Planets are inaudible to the human ear but very powerful with the wand!

    These frequencies are based on the dimensions of the nine planets and two different circumferences, pole to pole and the equator!

    Taking NASA data on the wavelength of each planet, David Sereda calculated the frequency bands for all the planets. The calculated frequencies for each planet fit into the five major human brainwave states.

    While the brain produces all five bands all the time, different bands get accented during various activities. Precise frequencies within those bands have tremendous benefits for human body and mind.

    Because each planet is a sphere, the wavelengths get shorter as we move towards the poles. Because of this, we use a harmonic primer to create bands of frequencies for each planet after the equator is established. This makes each spherical planet frequency a band of frequencies with higher amplitude at the equator. The amplitude

    starts falling off as we near the poles. Thus, the audio track for each planet has many frequency bands.

    David has scaled the nine planet frequencies into a single audio file that comes with the wand. Note that the limit of the human ear at 20 to 20,000 hertz does not allow us to hear this CD. Yet, when transmitted through the Light Stream Wand, you can really feel this differential harmonic with the magnet!

    These frequencies are equal to upper Theta brainwaves, connoting the planets in deep meditation. Casting these frequencies into your body may induce deep meditation or sleep.

    For example, the frequency at Mercury’s Equator happens to be right about where humans start to hear 20 hertz. It is not a coincidence that we begin our cognitive hearing at about 20 Hertz and the closest planet to the sun matches this frequency.

    It is known that when Mercury goes behind the sun in retrograde, people lose the source of this approximate 20- hertz band. As a result, they cannot focus their mind and suffer a lot of adverse effects.

    Rife also found that this frequency is the best overall frequency to heal the body. It is the single most beneficial frequency to the body.

    The Sound of the Sun

    The Sound of the Sun recorded by NASA restructures water better than any known method. Since our bodies are mainly composed of water, we are greatly benefitted by the sound of the sun therapy with the wand.

    In the ancient Hindu Vedas, it is said that the sacred mantra (word) “OM” is derived from the sound of the sun. Today, NASA has recorded the inaudible range of the sound of the sun in deep space and compressed the waves into the audible spectrum (20 to 20,000 hertz) of the human ear. It truly sounds like the mantra “OM.”

    By playing the CD with the sound of the sun audibly for meditation, or with your wand, you will gain the tremendous benefits of the vibration and the master sound of our solar system!

    The Great Pyramid

    David calculated the Frequencies of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and found a superior musical toning scale. Using existing measurements, he mathematically decoded over 180 frequencies inside the pyramid. This includes the number that the mathematician Peter Lemesurier calls the Great Number of Enlightenment!

    Using Pyramid Frequencies with the wand produces mystical results. It holds the potential to activate your DNA to a very high level. The Great Pyramid frequencies brighten the human aura or magnetic

    field. They also amplify your power of manifestation while you are inside the magnetic field of the wand during the treatment.

    The other frequency sets include the True Phi, the sound of the infinities and prime numbers as well.

    The Light Stream Wand in treating diseases with specific frequencies

    Based on the feedback received over the past eight years, the combination of certain frequencies with the Light Stream Wand has successfully cured diseases ranging from arthritis to cancer to Lyme, across the world.

    The frequencies of the Pyramid, True Phi and Infinities cured pancreatic and prostate cancer in some of the users. The Sound of the Sun provided relief from arthritic pain when coupled with the frequency of the Pyramid.

    A registered nurse used the combination of Rife, Sound of the Sun and Pyramid to treat several cancer patients with success.

    You can read the testimonials on David’s website for many such success stories,here

    It must be pointed out that when it comes to healing, Light Stream Technologies don’t make any legal or medical claims. Many positive results of their technology have been reported by users. People across the world have overcome debilitating diseases with the help of the Light Stream Wand coupled with the Rife and other frequencies decoded by David. Besides, the use of the wand is harmless to the body. The wand system is not known to generate any harmful microwave or nuclear radiations.

    "I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit."

    "It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Cheryl and the energy work that she does. Cheryl is knowledgeable and caring and her years in the medical field give a wisdom and practical application to the service that she provides. I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit.

    I have always felt better and more in-tune after a session and have seen positive results with myself and others. Cheryl takes the time to meet with you and her space is very welcoming and accommodating. I would highly recommend scheduling a session or joining her in the various workshops that she offers. "

    Erie, Pa.

    "I am writing to attest to my positive experience with Cheryl and and her magic wand named Wanda using Rife frequencies."

    "I am writing to attest to my positive experience with Cheryl and and her magic wand named Wanda using Rife frequencies. Over the past few years I have experiences back pain, tooth pain and a host of other issues due to diabetes.

    Cheryl's extensive training and use of her knowledge has continually helped me with any health issues I have had along the way. Pain has been eliminated, or greatly reduced under her care using the frequencies. I have attended her Chakra classes and essential oils classes, all of which helped support me and assisted in pain relief. Cheryl is a dedicated and knowledgeable healer and am blessed she fell into my life."

    New York, Chautauqua County

    "When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years."

    "I am a 72-year-old male married to a great husband, a business man, Prison Chaplain and Youth pastor for many years. When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years.

    But this last one was the worst. It was a fast-moving RARE form of cancer Called Merkel Cell cancer. In just 6 months having to return to the Dr’s the cancer tumor on the side of my face was the side of an Idaho potato. It would eventually move down my throat making eating and drinking not an option.

    The VA Dr. told me I had 12 months to live, and there was no known medical treatment for me as with Merkel radiation and chemo would not work, and if it did it would slow it down maybe but the rare chance of me living past 12 months is very slim.

    Well at that time I knew I was going to die, and after telling my husband on his birthday, that I was going to die, we had a tearful event. As a very last resort I agreed against my desires and will to go into the VA hospital for chemo as a last effort to keep me alive.

    The next day they told me they changed their minds and were going to use immunotherapy instead of chemo. Immunotherapy was a more non-invasive form with less side effects. Now remember up to this point the VA only used chemo and radiation for cancer patients. And thank God, they started to use alternative treatments.

    Now let’s go back several months as a friend of mine had told me about this new form of cancer therapy call frequency with a man called David Sereda. I was interested and wanted to order the wand and equipment because I felt I had to try. It took approximately 4 weeks for the different equipment to arrive.

    After weeks of research I found out that every illness has s certain frequency. When using the wand, it sends special selected frequencies from the wand into the body, and destroys the Merkel Carcinoma cells and Not the rest of the good cells.

    Then came another miracle, I had heard stories of a retired nurse Cheryl who has been working with the wand for years and healing many cancer patients. Through Dennis I got ahold of her and that was a true blessing. She was the first person to really help me understand the wand and the correct use of it and sending me additional useful frequencies.

    I now use the wand for my treatment 3 times a day and the tumor on my face is slowly starting to reduce in size. And I believe in a month or so, it will be GONE. Yes, I am using a new immunotherapy drug treatment called Avelumab once every 3 weeks.

    But the good news is that the tumor on the side of my face is going away, as I keep using the frequency and the wand. To show you how much Cheryl has helped me, Cheryl told me her and her husband were up and moved to pray and send healing energy to me at 11 pm at night, so they lit a candle and prayed for my continued recovery.

    That touched my heart so much. Cheryl has prayed over the phone with me several times and spent much additional time, effort, prayer time on my behalf without any money or reward. I want to learn how to be of service to other cancer patients like she does. She has helped and is continuing to help me in my recovery process. I now have hope.

    I am a state Notary Agent and need to get back to work, but had to get this face tumor problem solved. Let me share with you that the Merkel cancer has spread down my body into my kidneys, liver and into my spine. It is a very serious thing, and I do not believe the 12 months to live from the VA hospital was correct; I have a loving God who cares about me.

    So here is the bottom line with special people like Cheryl giving me help, instructions, and guidance, I will recover from this life threatening illness and will be a living testimony to the power of the wand and frequency therapy to overcome any cancer or illness. I simple could not of done this without the help from Cheryl.

    I bless you all with love and faith, and hope, and know this will be the best year of our lives"

    Orange Co. CA


    "I had a AC1 of 7 and last month I was tested and I am 6... now considered pre-diabetic. I had been diabetic on medications for 15 years!!"

    "I have been learning from Cheryl for about 3 years. I have attended classes in her home and have seen her meet with individual clients in their homes. The information is always well received and very helpful when the client follows through with what it suggested.

    My daughter had her thyroid blood work tested and it came back at zero, her thyroid was not working and they suggested she see a specialist right away. She got an appointment but it was 3 months away, I called Cheryl as a very concerned mother asking for her help. Cheryl came to my home to meet with my daughter and to see how to to help her. My daughter is 33 yrs old and has 2 children so she is not a child but took the advise from me to meet with Cheryl.

    Her session last a couple of hours and my daughter was given suggestions of nature products to start using. My daughter had follow up blood work down before her appointment and her numbers were 1.5 ( 3 is normal) she and I were so excited and so was her personal doctor. She still has to see the specialist soon but hopefully she will not have to be placed on medication. My daughter and I both agree that Cheryl was right on with what she had suggested and the blood work proves it.

    I too have had made adjustments to my diet and supplements that I take from the advise of Cheryl and I have had great improvements in my health. One of the big ones is that I now have been taken off all my diabetic medications and am maintaining with diet and exercise.

    I had a AC1 of 7 and last month I was tested and I am 6... now considered pre-diabetic. I had been diabetic on medications for 15 years!!

    Wonderful teacher and person Cheryl is and I know she has great positive intentions for help others!! I am thankful for having the time I have shared with her to learn and grow."

    Falconer, New York

    "I have chosen to treat this cancer without poisons, fear and cutting."

    "We came to know Cheryl on a radio program with David Sereda. Her kindness was evident as she talked about her choice to help others heal physically, mentally and spiritually. She spoke for her experience with Cancer patients. I was diagnosed in August of 2017 with Ovarian Cancer.

    I have chosen to treat this cancer without poisons, fear and cutting. Cheryl states that healing is rarely achieved through burning, poisoning and cutting. This resonated with my approach to treating my body with kindness. In consultation with Cheryl, initially to learn to use the wand for treatment, we were treated to a truly broad plan which inspired hope and support.

    These two qualities are important on this special journey. We are instructed on dietary needs, forgiveness needs, reflexology support and education. Symptoms become signs of healing. The fear is lessened and the journey can go on. She inspires you to keep going forward and not get stuck in the current pain, live in the past or let the future be nothing but fear and loss. Ending a session with Cheryl is like getting a well needed hand of support and a wink from God. She is a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate healer who is well fit for her calling.

    We thank you for your kindness, friendship and gifts. You make the world warmer and full of light"