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I am sure you must have heard about a famous scientist who goes by the name Royal Rife. He is definitely the reason perhaps you are reading this article or the reason why we are talking about the rife machine. The machine we are about to discuss in detail has provided a lot of benefits when you think about the medical field. The benefits might be physical and sometimes even economical.

That is why we hail the scientist who made such a brilliant discovery. It has helped to reduce some medical costs which are commonly incurred when buying drugs and other forms of medication. The machine also provides relief of some other conditions that affect us physically and therefore it is worth to have it exist.

Benefits of Rife Machine

  • Rife makes use of ultrasound and the modern intensity is stronger than the one originally made by Rife and thus works in various conditions. frequency
  • The method of therapy is non-invasive and therefore, the normal tissues and cells are not destroyed
  • When combined with other forms of therapy there is no room for any interactions as seen when using drugs
  • It is easy to focus the rife on a specific physical location
  • Rife frequency is non-toxic
  • It is effective in the treatment of various microorganisms.

Something to Know About Dr. Rife

Dr. Rife has been attributed to great work of discovering this machine. He is hailed as one of the best minds who came up with an invention which has brought so many positive changes in the modern world of medicine. To make it short, he was once given credit as the scientist who made a discovery for cancer treatment.

This was just by the application of the vibrations. He discovered that whenever one vibrating object gets close to another, the other one will also get some vibrations. Other discoveries attributed to this man are that use of frequencies could have important effects which could increase the vibrations within various microorganisms such as bacteria and this could lead to alteration of the chemical composition which might lead to the death of the organisms.

What to Consider for a Modern Frequency Generator

There are several factors that you will need to put into consideration whenever you want to make a purchase of a modern frequency generator. This is because currently the word rife machine is just put there for marketing purposes and therefore, you need to ensure that you consider some facts so that you will get the right thing. The first thing you need to consider is the range of frequency.

The original rife machine had a very high frequency of about 17000000 Hz but for the modern Hz, the highest frequency does not reach anywhere near this level. The method of delivery should also be considered because there currently exists several routes of delivery of these waves. These include either carrier or non-carrier methods. Others include contact or broadcast methods. You should also be careful to consider the power because normally radio waves are expressed in terms of Watts. Therefore, it will be very important to consider this fact.

You should also ensure that you consider the ability to save the time of the device. This is very crucial because in any operation time is a very important factor and any operation is usually better when the device used allows for time efficiency. Therefore, it will be very important to ensure that you choose a device that will allow you to run a multiple number of frequencies. Other important points of consideration are whether the device allows for sweep technology and even the ease of operating the device. You should also consider, if possible, whether while using the machine you will be able to adjust wavelength durations.

The Initial Royal Rife Device

Dr. Rife first created a microscope which he used to obtain a view of various organisms. He was actually the first person to visualize a virus. He later improved the device and he was able to do studies on various bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. Later on, he started applying various levels of frequencies to the organisms while noting different reactions.

He found out that some bacteria could be converting even into viruses that could cause cancer. After this discovery he found out that after inoculating some of these cells into animal models, he could be able to convert cancer cells back to normal cells.

Therefore, from this experience, there was a basis that this device could be used for cancer treatment which prompted further research.

About Rife Frequencies

The initial frequencies that were made by Dr. Rife were audio waves some of which had a very high range. This one usually required one to use a frequency generator. Since people were in need of using a device that combined various forms of frequencies they made other devices which employed a variety of frequencies. Because of first applying the use of audio waves initially, there was the need to utilize other types of frequencies which could provide a solution to many health problems. Rife frequencies are currently used to treat various health conditions.

They are designed in such a way that they suit various conditions. They are designed to hit on various microorganisms which usually requires a specific frequency for each condition. Various frequencies which are used to kill various microorganisms are designed through a thorough process in the laboratory giving rise to what is called mortal oscillatory rate. This one usually utilizes certain cultures of microorganisms which help to determine the most appropriate frequency to attack a certain organism.

Then after setting up the frequency, what follows is applying this frequency either in a human being or an animal to kill a certain microorganism. There are various frequencies that have been set to ensure that they cater for each condition. Some of the conditions which have set frequencies are acne, adrenal stimulant, back pain and general fatigue.

The Safety of Rife Frequencies

The person who discovered the rife machine devised a method whereby the frequencies are usually predetermined before use. This is usually done by using various cultures are used to set frequencies that are set specifically to target a particular organism. This was an idea which developed from the fact that different microorganisms usually operated in different oscillatory cycles. Therefore, the frequencies are set to attack any cell or organism selectively. This ensures that only the organisms are destroyed thus not harming the human cells at all. Another factor is that the human cells are designed in such a way that they have guards that help to prevent them from being attacked by various frequencies.

Rife Technology

Rife technology is all about using various devices to deliver a form of frequency to the body in order to ensure that you treat or improve the general health of a person. Therefore, this technology has a lot of benefits in managing some health problems. The evidence of the importance of various frequency therapies has been derived from various life experiences.

For example, we have the effects of playing a musical instrument on the general body feeling. This technology has been advancing over the years up to now when we have better frequency administering devices. This technology was developed by Rife himself and he discovered that use of frequency could bear some significance when it comes to the destruction of various microorganisms.

This brought the idea that actually different frequencies could be used to treat various conditions. At first, Rife made a device to use the radio waves in order to treat some of the medical conditions. However, over time, many scientists have come up with various devices which usually employ the same technology to treat or handle various conditions.

Modern Devices

Rife technology has been evolving over the years due to the work of so many hardworking scientists who have devoted a lot of energy to the work. The devices have changed though they still borrow the idea from the original rife machine. It has been shown that modern devices employ the use of transducers rather than using the ray tube technology.

The tubes devices usually use the radio frequencies to deliver energy which is different from devices that use transducers. Use of transducers is very different in that it allows for direct delivery of energy. This has a great advantage over the ray tubes because it will help in ensuring that it can kill any microorganism without considering the frequency. You could wonder why this is.

This is because the use of transducers attacks directly and thus it requires a very little amount of current to destroy an organism. It has been proven that a transducer device is usually very powerful when compared to the use of ray tube devices. This is because a transducer will have the ability to attack an organism directly as compared to the other type of device.

Another reason as to why many people find the use of a transducer to be the very best of all is because it has been discovered that transducers can be able to kill any microorganism by use of electrocution method. Therefore, this makes it easy and fast to work with than while using frequency devices which do not act directly.

How Do Frequencies Machines Work?

I know everyone is eager to know how frequency machines exactly work. This one will be clearly explained in this article. From the knowledge of physics, it is known that every object or molecule vibrates. Therefore, this principle was used in establishing a method that could kill microorganisms by subjecting them to a different frequency which is specific to them.

herefore, this frequency is usually directed to the person who is suffering from the condition after which the microorganisms will be destroyed thus making the person heal. First, this one requires one to use various cultures in the lab in order to identify a specific frequency for the organism. After this is done, the person who is going to receive the therapy usually puts pads on the limbs and then they are connected to the machine that is going to produce the frequencies.

This is usually done for a few minutes and then this is supposed to be repeated for some few days in a week. When these frequencies are directed to the organism, what normally happens is that it usually vibrates at the same frequency as what has been delivered to it. Therefore, this makes it change in terms of chemical composition and structure and finally, this distortion makes the organism die at the end.

Does Rife Machine Work?

The question that comes to the mind is; does the method really work? Yes, it does. There are many success stories that can prove that this method actually works. Many people have used the machine to try and treat several conditions such as arthritis, infections, allergies and many others and later gave a positive feedback.