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432 Chakra Healing Disk - Red
432 Chakra Healing Disk - Red
432 Chakra Healing Disk - Red
432 Chakra Healing Disk - Red

432 Chakra Healing Disk - Red

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The Profound Power of 432 Hz And the Annunaki

Do you want a way out old habits, stress and sadness?
Do you want it replaced with creativity, pleasure, bliss and purity?
Do you want your Health restored?

The Annunaki 432 Hz Chakra Healing Disk provides the answers you seek.


  • Pythagorean notes embedded into Fine Crystal/Glass Disk
  • 432 Hz Cymatic image layered to each disk
  • Each disk is hand crafted and signed by Ea/Enki of the Annunaki Binary Code
  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Thickness: ¼ inches
  • Free oneself from old habits
  • Restore your health
  • Reach Goals
  • Peaceful Lives
  • Find Sense of purpose
  • Create outstanding Music

The story of how we all ended up tuning the note A to 440Hz is a long one with many different factors coming into play. The point is to move forward with our new knowledge of physics, frequency, vibration and the universe in general and work toward increasing coherency and resonance by tuning our minds and literally our instruments in music to naturally occurring highly resonant frequencies.
Therefore, take advantage of this incredible discovery by ordering for yours now.

All disks are individually hand made by Michael Lee Hill, so please allow 3-4 weeks for expert crafting and delivery.

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