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Evidence - The Case For Nasa UFOs Documentary
Ebook - Evidence - The Case For Nasa UFOs Ebook

Evidence - The Case For Nasa UFOs Ebook

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“A deep, 6-year, scientific investigation into Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon broadcast live by NASA throughout the 1990s Space Shuttle Missions”

In September of 1986, my wife Donna and I were in residence at our home in Chilmark, Massachusetts, on the island of Martha's Vineyard. On this particular occasion there were two houseguests staying with us overnight. At about 2:00 a.m. I arose and stepped outside our bedroom onto the terrace wall to relieve my bladder. The firmament was magnificent, and it was natural for me to look up and observe its beauty and vastness.

Drawn by the urgent and excited tenor of our voices, they too emerged and observed these two objects track across the night sky. It took less than a minute for the tiny, perfectly round, luminous bodies to traverse from right to left across the entire celestial array, which was visible to us. The speed was evidently quite high.

We four agreed, through the filters of our pooled experience, that these could not be astral bodies, meteorites, planets, shooting stars, fighter jets, helicopters, airliners, or satellites. To me this was not some stirring revelation, for I have been intrigued since childhood by the possibility of such phenomena's existence. My sighting was a confirmation.

The book which you are about to read offers the most logical, precise, and well thought through postulation that is now available to the public as to the mechanical/aeronautical basis for one type of these machines' existence, how they travel here into our observable dimensions and also the purpose for their occupants' visitations to our planet.

As the goal of the UFO movement, since Roswell in 1947, has been to expose the government's knowledge of the UFO phenomena and the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, this may be the most shocking and powerful case presented at the dawn of the age of the New Millennium to expose the hidden secrecy. This postulation is not based on the anecdotes, film, video, and data previously assembled, but rather on the United States government's own N.A.S.A. footage photographed by astronauts on numerous Space Shuttle missions, broadcast live to Earth during the 1990s. It is also based on deep, investigational, written correspondence between the author of this book and some of NASA's top research scientists. Finally, it provides empirical, ancient archaeological evidence.

After reading this book, you will conclude as I did that the quality and volume of the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. Further, it prepares us for perhaps the most vital revelation which will be unveiled to us in the new millennium-that we are far from alone in the multi-verse and that there is at least one species of extra-dimensional/terrestrial entity which is very interested in our own well being and survival in a most profound and wonderfully positive way.

Dan Aykroyd
C.M., D. Lit. (H.C.)


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281 pages


Chapter One – Relearning How To Observe The UFO Phenomenon 

I – If Contact Had Already Begun, Would We Know How To Observe It? 

II - Understanding Light and Light Speed

III – Space Propulsion and Light Speed 

Chapter Two – The Alpha and the Omega 

I – The Government Covers Up Knowledge of UFOs 

II – The Evidence Arrives 

III – My Investigation of the Alleged UFOs at NASA Begins 





Chapter Three – The Alternative Space Program Theory 

I – Two Space Programs? 

II – It Takes Alternative Energy To Conquer Alternative Space 

Chapter Four – Inter-dimensional Observations

I – Freedom of Information Act?

II – Meeting Martyn Stubbs





Chapter Five – The NASA Investigation Intensifies

I – Contacting NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

II – Contacting NASA Press Correspondent James Oberg

III – Contacting Dr. Louis A. Frank at NASA 

Chapter Six – Quantum Physics of the NASA UFOs

I - Baffled by Quantum Physics

II – Gravity Beyond Light Speed Theory

III – The NASA UFOs Reveal Amazing Evidence

IV – Sending The New Evidence to Dr. Nuth at NASA

V – NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program



VIII – Quantum Phenomena 

Chapter Seven – Antagonism

I – Astronomers in High Places 

Chapter Eight –The Ancient Future

I – The Dropa Stone Connection

II – One Step Behind NASA

III – Ancient Water – The Signature to NASA’s Water Problem 




5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Quantum Physics theory By Midge
David Sereda provides a very detailed analysis of Quantum physics and gravitational forces. This video is not for the feeble minded. While his explanations are very simple to understand, it is very lengthy and goes into indepth detail of basic quantum Physics. If you are not interested in science and the mechanics of space flight and gravitational forces, you probably won't like.

The NASA space videos are excellent and most have never been shown on TV. Some of the space objects are clearly under intelligent control as they make sharp turns against the gravitational field. You will see new video from many NASA space flights intermixed with gravitational theory lectures. Although I do not agree that some of the other "very interesting" pulsating objects shown around the US and Russian space vehicles are aliens, they do appear to be alive and remind me of microscopic plankton in the Earth's oceans. When you see these pulsing objects pass behind equipment some distance outside of the shuttle, it is clear that these objects are not inside the camera or craft. The question is, "what could possibly live in a vacuum at -273 degrees?" The object in front of the Russian space station looked like a jellyfish swimming. Even more startling are the objects leaving the Earth's orbit and heading out to space. Minimum velocity required to leave the Earth's atmosphere would be 17,500 - 25,000. Definitely a video for deep thinkers, science buffs, engineers and analyticals.
David Sereda's theories on gravitational fields are the best I have ever encountered and make more sense than any other theory to date. His gravitational theories not only apply to orbital insertion of objects, but it also provides a clear understanding of how a gravity amplifier (as described by Bob Lazar) would work in allowing spacecraft to travel many times faster than the speed of light... therefore disputing Einstein's original analysis of light speed. Scientists used to have the same limited narrow opinion regarding exceeding the speed of sound in the 1950's... and have since been proved incorrect.
You can easily see how his gravitational theory relates to formation of galaxies, worm holes and light speed travel. On Earth, you see simple examples of this by watching how water goes down a drain or looking at the behavior and shape of tornadoes and hurricanes. This video really opens up a new world of understanding.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Cassio on August 4, 2006

People who are looking for a superproduction, should not buy this video. For those who want to learn about a new theory regarding physics and UFO cover up, this is the best available.

This video is like a class at school. A blackboard, a teacher and the student. Some nice original footage from Nasa and conclusion by Sereda.

Of course, there are points that you may not agree , but the analisys of the NASA footage is great. His space travel theory is also very convincing. His coclusion about past civilzations that causes more controversy. But these are just assumptions.

Skeptics and video producers, stay away from it!

Open mindeds, ufologysts, physisists and young scientists, buy it, it will open your eyes about many things.
This is a must have for "futurists".

5.0 out of 5 stars The Most Compelling Evidence I've Ever Seen! By Greg Smith on November 10, 2003

Without a doubt I can entheusiastically say that this is the most compelling evidence for extra terrestial intelligent life that I've ever seen in over 35 years of investigation. Genuine NASA videos! Russian videos! Clear, coherent, logical analysis! All questions are meticulously addressed. But, it's the videos themselves that are absolutely compelling to any inteligent observer. There is more in the book than in the videos alone so I recomend everyone peruse both, and then come to your own conclusion.