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laser Gem Acupuncture point, Meridian, and Energy Chakra Activation Mini-Wand.  When a laser passes through a Gem, it opens up faster than light tachyon energy.  This was proven by Physicist Dr. Raymond Chiao when he got photons to move faster than light by passing a laser through silica and quartz.  This made world headlines 20 years ago!  It then went top secret. The gems in these laser pointer mounts have been treated with Light Stream Technology harmonics and are activated gems.  You can choose from Lab Grown, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or real Amethyst, Golden Citrine, Blue Topaz, or almost any gem.  Gems are 6 to 8 mm in size.  Laser pointer is not included.  Depending on your gem, you will be guided to purchase the right size and power quality laser pointer that fits the slide on cap.  These range from $25 to $50 more.  When you order, specify which gem you want or inquire for custom gem options