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Ebook - Differentials - Hidden Harmonic Codes Ebook
Ebook - Differentials - Hidden Harmonic Codes Ebook

Differentials - Hidden Harmonic Codes Ebook

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Paper on Differentials: Harmonics & Zero Point Energy

In The Beginning, The Universe was created with a secret principle: Vibration. What is the origin of this vibration? The greatest clue in ancient cosmology, which spans most of the great religions of the world is the "LOGOS." What is the Logos? Heracleitus (6th Century BC - Greek Philoso- pher),

"This LOGOS holds always but humans always prove unable to understand it, both before hearing it and when they have rst heard it. For though all things come to be in accordance with this LOGOS, humans are like the inexperienced when they experience such words and deeds as I set out, distinguishing each in accordance with its nature and saying how it is. But other people fail to notice what they do when awake, just as they forget what they do while asleep. For this reason it is necessary to follow what is common. But although the LOGOS is common, most people live as if they had their own private understanding. Listening not to me but to the LOGOS it is wise to agree that all things are one."

All Geometry and Sacred Geometry lacks the discovery of differential mathematics and shapes. Without differentials, the universe could not function as a perpetual motion machine.

Newton's Third Law is Violated by this paper. All opposing forces may appear equal and opposite to each action but they are not; they have differentials. In the quantum universe, all particles have opposite pairs. It is believed these opposite are equal in mass-energy. This will be violated by this new discovery.

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