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Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator
Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator

Light Stream™ Home Shield Generator

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Protect Your Entire Home From Harmful EMF's

Broadcast healing and energetic frequencies throughout your entire home!

Also called a Mantra Coil, its Energy Field extends 20-50 feet in diameter around the vortex generator!

14x 14 inches wide
5 inches tall 

The most powerful magnetic field generated with a 3 Story Deep Coil relay and produces the largest magnetic field reaching 8,000 Milliguass.

They can be used underneath your bed, mounted on a wall or as a glass top table. The dynamics of the field are very special and beyond anything we offer! The small unit can treat water and food and be used for self help. 

Placing your own crystal in the eye of the vortex adds amazing energy to the transmitter! We do not sell these but can direct you to where to get one.

It uses The Great Pyramid angle of 51.51 windings!

With the harmful effects of nuclear radiation from Japan killing and threatening marine mammals and life throughout the pacific ocean, David Sereda believes using water submersible transmitters in the ocean and transmitting harmonic frequencies is the best way to restore the devastation.

It is already known the weaker than nuclear radiation, UV radiation severely damages the organisms at the base of the seafood chain:

These organisms provide the original food source for all other living organisms in the oceans. Plankton- phytoplankton as well as zooplankton are highly damaged by UV radiation, as they lack the protective UV-B-ab- sorbing layers that higher forms of plants and animals maintain.
(Phyto = plant. Zoo = animal).

Today, these organisms are dying is mass volume so much so that seals, whales and dolphins have little food to eat and are dying. Harmonics may be the only answer!

Introducing a high power science and spirituality tool for energy balancing, healing, chakra activation, water & food restructuring, and energy clearing of architectural spaces! This wand is so powerful it will amaze you!


  • Accelerated health
  • Light body activation
  • EMF protection and clearing
  • Enhanced meditation
  • Enhanced mystical experiences
  • DNA encoding and activation
  • Brainwave enhancement
  • Attract abundance
  • Release addictions
  • Transformation to stronger, healthier body and mind


    • Light Stream Home Generator
    • Audio connecting cables

    REQUIRES: High Power Amplifier (Select upgrade to have us purchase our recommended amplifier on your behalf)


    NONE of the products offered through should be used as a treatment for cancer.  We offer no guarantees on the effects of using any of our products  These are not electrical appliances nor medical devices.

    FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in humans or other animals.  Read the Terms of Sale

    $597 per month for 6 months

    AURA Camera Testing using GDV Aura Camera Shows comprehensive full spectrum light increase

    Chakra Alignment Test using GDV Aura Testing Shows huge light increase in Chakras plus sine wave alignment increase & better integration!

    Subjects tested the next day held 75 to 80% of increase!

    Using the David Sereda Light Stream Wand or Coils for Healing & Altering Consciousness. Unlike other healing devices, the Wands and Coils come with the ability to transmit any and all frequencies or bands of frequencies you want but passively into the body’s electrical nervous and brain systems. These electrical systems produce current and voltage in pulses into the body and a field of energy around it known as the human aura. All electrical systems known to science produce a magnetic electromagnetic field around the charge. The human body is no different.

    The brain produces all of these frequency bands all of the time but accentuates different bands for different functions of life including healing and having visions or enhanced creativity.

    Humans can cognitively hear from 20, to less than 20,000 Hertz. Humans can subtly perceive frequencies lower than 1 Hertz all the way past 20,000 hertz.

    All of the Light Stream frequency bands designed by David Sereda have a basis for expanding each part of the brain to enhance everything from body healing to expanded creativity and the insight problem solving process.

    RIFE, and all other Frequencies can be used with this device with a simple software. These frequencies being transmitted through the Light Stream Wand amplify the various human brainwaves and expand the potential of that brainwave state and its benefits.

      Very PRECISE frequencies have much deeper experience potential than just abject numbers within these bands. For example, the human biomat uses just 5 hertz as a low Theta but does not identify where in nature 5 exact hertz has any meaning. The crystal biomats use 10 hertz – again no meaning.

      Each frequency designed by David Sereda, rather, has meaning and a place of resonant origin either in nature, harmonic music scaling, sacred temple dimensions, or the planets and cosmos.

      Delta 0.001 - 4 hertz

      (Deep Healing State found in Babies and Infants) Theta 4 - 8 hertz (Healing and Dreaming State)

      Alpha 8 - 14 hertz

      (organizing thinking coherent state)

      Beta 14 - 30 hertz

      (Mild to moderate physical activity or Mind activity) Gamma 30 + (Peak Physical Mind activity)

      Speed of light in km 299,792.458 Divided by Moon Circumference 10917 km = 27.46106604378492 Hertz at the equator.

      In addition to using well known RIFE and Other Frequencies for treating illness and disease, David Sereda developed several very effective programs for treatment of illness, disease and for improving creativity, insight and even inducing visions.

      The formula for calculating frequencies from nature is taking the speed of light divided by the wavelength!

      The 9 Planet Frequencies: Taking NASA data on the wavelength of each planet, David Sereda Calculated the frequency bands for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Calculated Frequencies for each planet fit into the 5 major human brainwave states. While the brain produces all 5 bands all the time, different bands get accented during different activities. Precise frequencies within those bands have tremendous benefits.

      The formula for calculating an electromagnetic frequency is the speed of light “C” divided by the wavelength = Frequency!


      For example, Using Metric Kilometers, the planet Mercury’s Diameter: 4879.4 km x pi = 15329.087193926035964 / 299,792.458 kmps = Frequency: 19.557097836770679 Hertz. This frequency is at Mercury’s Equator and happens to be right about where humans start to hear 20 hertz. RIFE also found that this frequency is the best overall frequency to heal the body. It is the single most beneficial frequency to the body.

      Why? Is it a coincidence that we begin our cognitive hearing at about 20 Hertz and the closest planet to the sun matches this frequency? Just a tad above Mercury’s equator is the 20 Hertz band. Because each planet is a sphere, the wavelengths get shorter as we move towards the poles. Because of this, we use a harmonic primer to create bands of frequencies for each planet after the equator is established. This makes each spherical planet frequency a band of frequencies with the greater amplitude at the equator and amplitude falling off as we near the poles. This means each audio track for each planet has multiple frequency bands.

      When Mercury goes behind the sun 4 times each year in retrograde, people loose the source of this approximate 20 hertz band and they cannot concentrate well enough. There is lots of data on this. Just google “Mercury in retrograde what happens to people.”


      Venus Diameter: 12103.6 x pi = 38024.580841989418555 / 299,792.458 kmps

      Frequency of Venus = 7.884175219334649 – and then the scaled bands using the harmonic primer, The Frequency of Venus is upper Theta. This is an amazing place to have accentuated in the brain and nervous system. We dream in Theta but this is awake Theta very relaxed truly a state of where we feel love.


      Circumference of Earth at Equator = 40075.161153048 KM

      Frequency of Earth = 7.480754895908850489 – The Tesla Schuman Resonance is 7.83 and the reason it is a tad higher is due to where you measure on the Earth. Each sphere planet is generating bands of frequencies all the time, just like our brains. The greater amplitude is at the equator. The equator band does not stand alone, making spherical frequencies a series of bands. You have to know the primer to scale after the equator is calculated. We dream at the frequency of Earth as this is mid Theta brainwave. We an also be awake and meditating relaxing at this frequency.


      The frequency of Mars is = 14.049 hertz. This is right on the border of Alpha and Beta exactly. This is a very interesting place for high focused life force energy and coherency. Alpha is organized brainwave and Beta is getting into super focused brainwave. The Alpha state is a desired state to see increase for mental health as well as Beta.

      Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

      Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all deep delta waves at their equators. These are good for deep, deep sleep meditation and super ultra relaxation and healing.


      Pluto is Gamma the upper part of the brain and good for peak performance training of the brain as are any of the moons.


      Each moon of each planet has a specific targeted frequency function.


      The Sound of the Sun recorded by NASA restructures water better than any known method. Since our bodies are made of over 80% water, we can only

      benefit from the sound of the sun therapy with the wand.

      We use the same math to generate all of our natural frequencies for the LS Wands and Vortex Energy Coils. We use the same math for stars that NASA knows the radius of, for sacred temples and scared sites, etc. That makes our frequencies new, exciting and like no other.

      Great Pyramid

      We calculated the Frequencies of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and found a superior musical toning scale. Watch this video with good headphones and you will audibly hear the superiority over any known tested music scale.

      The perfection of ratio is what makes a music scale superior over one another. We can see from the tone test that the Great Pyramid Music scale discovered by David Sereda that no other music scale compares to its perfection. Whomever designed the Great Pyramid of Egypt knew this. There are a total of 360 tones in audible range in the Great Pyramid Scale.

      To transmit these frequency bands into the human nervous system, brain and body could only have tremendous benefits surpassing any and all other frequencies.

      We found using Pyramid Frequencies not only brightens the human aura or magnetic field, but it amplifies any intention you send out for healing while you are inside of the wand’s field during a treatment. Don’t just rely on these frequencies to do the healing, ask for a healing while inside the energies. Focus on what the healing is for and send it out with your heart and mind.

      True Phi

      These frequencies start with the great number of Phi 1.6180339887 which is deep delta brainwave, and we keep multiplying that number by itself to get the next frequency and so on. So 1.6180339887 x 1.6180339887 = 2.61803398858843, and we keep going until we cover a comprehensive band of true phi frequencies spanning all human brainwaves. These frequencies truly tune the nervous system and brain.


      These frequencies are based on Archimedes infinite expression ratios such as 10 divided by 9 = a ratio of 1 to 1.1111111(infinity) so you don’t generate a 1.11111 frequency rather a 9 and 10, or 90 and 100, or 900 and 1000 as frequencies to open up these infinite pathways with the space between 2 vibrations. Infinite ratios open up the cells to receive energy where they can get closed down due to finite expressions of energy. When a cell gets closed and does not allow new energy in, it dies. These infinite expressions of 1 to 1.111111, 1 to 1.222222, 1 to 1.333333 and so on to 9 are all included.

      PRIME Numbers: Primes are numbers that are only divisible by the number 1 or themselves into a whole number.

      Prime Numbers as frequencies produce a vortex of spinning energies. They open up time. Time is the most misunderstood of the forces because it is seen as a calculation only rather than a force. Using Prime numbers we have been able t move forward or backwards in time very easily in dreams. This is very useful in going back to a trauma and releasing the negative energy around that trauma for healing and forgiving to move onwards.

      New Frequency Bands in Development David Sereda is always producing new frequencies based on studies in science, nature, astronomy, and physics. Anyone who gets a wand will have access to new frequencies on the website as they are developed.

      He is currently calculating the frequencies of more sacred sites and ancient temples around the world!



      Wand Testimony does not include the names of the users to protect privacy! 

      • Retired Veteran Nurse Saves The Lives Of 3 Terminal Cancer Sufferers Who Were Given "Death Sentences" By Their Doctors!

      Client #1 - 12-year colon cancer carrier found a new tumor 6 inches up his colon.  Doctors said he had to remove the colon and he would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.  He had 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment, meanwhile he was getting treatment with the light stream wand and when he went back to re-check with colonoscopy and 9 weeks later, the cancer was gone!  The doctor's said it was impossible that the 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment could heal the cancer and asked what he did.  He said, "Well, I know someone who knows more about cancer than you!"

      Client #2 - She had only 6 months to live, according to her doctor.  She was treated with the light stream wand once or twice a week and saw her tumor markers go from 970 down to 200.  

      Client #3 - He was diagosed with a tumor on his right kidney.  We reduced the tumor from size of grapefruit to size of a lemon.  He had surgery to remove the tumor, when they had anticipated to remove the entire kdney.  He didn't change his diet, 1.5 years later, his cancer came back on original kidney and left kidney and 3 spots on his liver.

      He was diagnosed with stage 4 recurrent cancer and the doctors said he had 6 months to live and was asked to participate in a experimental drug.  He declined and chose to do light stream wand therapy.  After 35 days of daily treatment, he went for the exam and the cancer was GONE!  The doctor thought he had done the experimental drug and and thought he was the only one who survived (the other 24 people died).  When he told the doctor that he actually declined the experimental drug, and did the light stream wand treatments, the doctor refused to admit that it was healed and reported that "it wasn't cancer in the first place".  And he said, "Well you thought is was cancer enough to invite me into a drug experiment...".  Lesson: doctors don't want to admit or believe that there is a cure out there.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: RIFE, Sound of the Sun and Pyramid

      Duration: 20 to 60 minutes per day x 1-7 days per week, for 1-3 months.

      • Prostate Cancer, Pancreas Cancer… GONE!

      In Ohio, a man had prostate cancer and claim to have cured it with the wand. His friend had incurable pancreas cancer and was going to die. They claim the wand cured the pancreas amazingly - in a matter of weeks this woman was out of bed pain free.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Pyramid, Infinities and True Phi

      Duration: 30 to 40 minutes daily

      • Irreparable Nerve Damage… REPAIRED!

      First wand was made 7 years ago for a woman whose little daughter fell from the dryer and broke her shoulder. Her arm and had had so much nerve damage, she could not move anything. The doctors were going to do a nerve graft and the mom said “no.” She bought a wand used the Sound of the Sun with magnets and after 3 months, her fingers were moving again and months later full movement in arm and hands.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Sound of the Sun 

      Duration: 1 hour a day for 90 days

      • Relief from Arthritic Pain in 1 Session!

      Multiple wand users found amazing results with arthritis much better movement and way less pain in the hands just holding it. In one session, one person wrote about instant relief.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Sound of Sun and Pyramid

      Duration: 20 Minutes Daily

      • Dramatically Brighter Light In Aura Camera Tests!

      Aura Camera testing show huge increase in bio light after a wand session. This means healing to the body.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Pyramid

      Duration: 20 to 40 minutes per day x 4 days per week

      • Supports Joint and Bone Repair!

      Knee and joint damage using bone frequencies was tremendous on patients with inflammation and pain. Cartilage becomes more fluid and dynamic movement returns. The time to heal is within a week or more.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: Rife Bone Healing

      Duration: 30 Minutes Daily

      • Incurable Lymes Disease Solution!

      In Sweden and Norway, the wand was used for severe Lymes disease. In bad cases it took a few months to heal the person but no other known method can heal Lymes. Again taking electrolytes improves the function of the wand’s magnetic field and healing.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: All

      Duration: 30 to 40 minutes per day

      • Intuition, Clairvoyance, Sixth Sense, ESP, Telepathy… Heightened!

      Improving the creativity of mind, telepathy, psychic abilities and vision! We had many dozens of letters to this improvement. People were amazed how much more insight, better dreams, more clear, and working with planet and star frequencies. Over 50% of people buy wands for this purpose alone.

      Light Stream Wand Frequency used: All

      Duration: Daily, or occasional use

      • Signs Of Progress With Autism...

      Autistic persons we found could identify their favorite frequencies even though they are not audible. The wand can produce magnetic pulses lower than 1 hertz and these individuals can feel it. Favorite track was 51 Pyramid for one boy in Arizona. Others Pick True Phi or Infinities. We need more data on Autism because the wand shows great promise here.

      • Works With All RIFE Frequencies

      RIFE Frequencies: Any RIFE healing frequency can come out of the wand for any illness using the tone software. The possibilities are endless.


      Legal Disclaimer

      When it comes to healing, legally we make no medical claims for frequencies curing and or healing disease. We can only say that, experimentally, many people believe and experience these frequencies have profound implications for the water, human, plant animal and mammal energy systems. Many people claim they have witnessed great bene ts in treating their own serious conditions such as cancer, the u, tumors and other ailments from using this technology. Medical studies require thousands of people to experience the same results before they will admit anything positive is statistically happening.

      As testing con rms, there are NO HARMFUL microwaves or nuclear radiation waves coming from this wand system! Magnetic fields have been proven to be harmless to the body or cell - EPRI Study!