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Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System
Light Stream™ Wand System

Light Stream™ Wand System

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Breakthrough Pain Management Technology

Cleanse your body. Raise your vibration. Transform your life!



Home Use for your entire Family

  • Preventive Health/ EMF Protection
  • Injury Recovery & Cell Regeneration
  • Bone, Joint & Ligament Health Anti-Aging 
  • Reduce Chronic Condition Symptoms 
  • Boost Your Energy Levels 
  • Pain Management


For Wellness and Inner Peace

  • Improve Focus, Memory & Clarity
  • Deep Quality Sleep
  • Ultra Relaxation
  • Profound Meditation
  • Combat Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder
  • Relieve Anxiety & Stress


For Your Business & Community

  • Spas, Meditation Centers, Float Tanks, Sanctuaries
  • High Performance Athletic Training
  • Veterinarians, Wildlife Preservation
  • Water & Food Enhancement, Organic Farming
  • Wellness for Large Communities, Organizations and Workplaces
  • Wellness Practitioners, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers 


Transforming Lives Around the World

Nature's Frequencies at Your Fingertips: 
Over 10,000 powerful frequencies hidden in nature are now decoded and accessible to you in your own home!


Energy Boost at Its Best:
Finally, get energized the way nature intended and activate your body's own healing processes without drugs or invasive procedures.

Set and Forget:
Simply turn it on and get a health boost 24/7/365! 

Non-Contact Wireless Energy
Protect your entire home and every living being in it with up to a 100 foot diameter field of effect. 

Living Artwork That Actually Works
Empowered with nature's hidden geometries and frequencies that will raise your home's energy 24/7/365! A truly profound experience.

NASA Inspired Technology
NASA proved it works, we made it better. The next generation of PEMF "Pulsed Electromagnetic Field" technology. 


What’s included?

  • Light Stream™ Wand ($5,495 Value)
  • Light Stream™ Console ($1,995 Value)

Bonus Package Included FREE in All Systems

  • 1-on-1 Phone Coaching for Initial Setup 
  • 1-on-1 Health Info Session (30 min)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying Case
  • Tech Support 7 days per week
  • Basic Online Training (Upgrade to Practitioner Course)
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty (Upgrade to Accident Protection Plan)


Light Stream™ Wand Light Stream™ Wand
  • Length: 10.5 in
  • Face Diameter: 2.25 in
  • Tube Diameter: 1.75 in
  • Weight: 1.13 kg
Light Stream™ Console
  • Length: 9.52 in
  • Width: 5.89 in
  • Height: 0.33 in
  • Weight: 490 g

We are so confident that our Light Stream™ Systems will transform your life that we are willing to offer you a
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Now you can feel at ease with your investment...





An amplifier is needed to operate this device and is purchased separately.

Frequency Range: 0hz-6,000,000 hz (60Megahertz)
Frequency generator is required for frequencies over 20,000hz 

Wattage: Up to 3000watts (The device is highly efficient, therefore it is effective with a 100watt amplifier. We do not recommend using higher than 100W, however, wattage can be increased with higher powered amps 3000 watts)


Guass: Up to 10,000 milligauss (The device is highly efficient, therefore it is effective at 10-50 milligauss with a 100watt amp. We do not recommend using an amp more than 100W, however, 10,000 milli-guass can be achieved with higher powered amps)


Disclaimer: Products offered are not medical devices nor electrical appliances. Products on have not been evaluated by the FDA and no medical claims are made or implied for any products. We are committed to complete compliance with FDA regulations and as such, because these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any benefits for these products. If you decide to purchase Products, you are drawing your own opinions as to any additional benefits or use these products may provide. Our research, videos or testimonials on our site or others are not offered to suggest or imply that you will achieve similar results with use of our Products and methods.

Light Stream™ Devices are not Rife Machines.  They are Electromagnetic and Gem Resonance Device Powered By Nature’s Sounds and Rife Frequencies.

We only use RIFE frequencies with deep pulsed magnetic waves, avoiding the controversial harmful radio waves as carrier waves.

The "Electric Power Research Institute" studies found harmful effects of radio waves on human beings to be controversial, thus many RIFE devices were banned or even targeted by the US Federal Government. 

David Sereda discovered that RIFE frequencies are not radio waves in themselves, and does not need to be carried by the controversial radio waves, thus it is safer to use with the Light Stream™ System while you still get the complete benefits from Rife frequencies!

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