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RIFE Frequencies - Rife Frequencies For Vision & Eyes

Rife Frequencies For Vision & Eyes

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Tested and Proven Rife frequencies for Eyes.

The best frequencies for Eyes:

Conjunctivitis (Contagious).mp3
Eye, Arteriosclerosis.mp3
Eye, Bifocal.mp3
Eye, Blurred.mp3
Eye, Cataract.mp3
Eye, Color Blind 10000
Eye, Conjunctivitis.mp3
Eye, Crossed.mp3
Eye, Degeneration.mp3
Eye, Diplopia.mp3
Eye, Droop of Lid.mp3
Eye, Far Sighted.mp3
Eye, Glaucoma.mp3
Eye, Improve Vision.mp3
Eye, Infected.mp3
Eye, Lacrimal.mp3
Eye, Near & farsighted.mp3
Eye, Nerve pain.mp3
Eye, Strained.mp3
Eyelid Swelling.mp3
Trachoma, Eye Inflammation.mp3

Each track lasts 20 minutes.

Works with Light Stream Wand or other Rife or PEMF machines.

Delivered as hi-definition audio mp3 files.

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