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Ebook - Scale Of Life Ebook
Ebook - Scale Of Life Ebook

Scale of Life Ebook

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At the point of singularity there is not a sound, just pure virgin silence.

At the moment a duality forms, there is vibration, heat, sound and light. Frequency is born. Then there were multitudes of frequencies born and each one became a galaxy, a star, a planet and a living being. Each one has a unique vibration made up of countless billions of frequencies blending into a cosmic symphony of vibrations known as The LOGOS.

When beings could perceive sound, they made music to resemble what they thought they heard. With individuation, there were more and more songs and more and more musical instruments born out of creative insight. This music is searching for the most pure and ancient music scale of


Jesus taught the singing of 7 sacred vowels as tones in the Gospel of the Egyptians. The Egyptian followers of Jesus knew that toning was the method of raising one’s vibration and turning on the Light Body!

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