The Great Pyramid's Hidden Harmonic Frequency Package
The Great Pyramid's Hidden Harmonic Frequency Package
The Great Pyramid's Hidden Harmonic Frequency Package

The Great Pyramid's Hidden Harmonic Frequency Package

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Unlock Your True Human Potential With 180 Frequencies Hidden In The Great Pyramid!

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What is it?

  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced meditators only
  • WARNING! Extremely powerful intention magnifier!
  • Do not use when you have negative thoughts or emotions

What's the difference between the 3 Pyramid Packages?

  • Hidden Harmonics - Based on dimensions of all 4 sides of the pyramid
    • Used for mediation and Light Stream Wand
  • Base Scale - 1 side of the pyramid 
    • From Quantum Regenesis Year 1
    • Used for vocal toning and programming your DNA over time
  • Minor Scale - A scale variation of the pyramid
    • From Quantum Regenesis Year 2
    • Used for vocal toning and programming your DNA over time

What will I feel?

  • Expanded consciousness
  • Empowered
  • Enlightened
  • Knowing

What do I use it for?

  • Make your thoughts become reality
  • Amplify your ability to manifest your intentions
  • Light body activation
  • Get answers to any question to the universe
  • Talk to God
  • Hear God
  • Strengthen and balance your energy field
  • Induce deep meditation
  • Induce healing states of consciousness!  
  • Open stargates!
  • Activate dormant parts of your DNA
  • Unlock your hidden human potential!  

What Chakras are affected?

  • Unknown

Why you need it?

  • Need to turn your thoughts into reality?
  • Need your prayers answered?
  • Need answers to your questions?
  • Need to go beyond your physical limits?
  • Want super-natural abilities?

What's included in this package?

    Includes 11 audio tracks in mp3 files
    Each track is approx 5 minutes long:

    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 11 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 21 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 31 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 41 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 51 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 61 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 71 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 81 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies 91 Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies All Mix 
    • Great Pyramid Frequencies Square & Sine Wave Mix

    Warning!  Huge 569MB File to Download!

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    We are starting to see signs that the Great Pyramid was a giant harmonic instrument, but for what purpose?

    With the vision of the Great Pyramid as a giant Crystal Oscillator, David Sereda has decoded the frequencies of the Great Pyramid. Using existing very accurate measurements, David Sereda has mathematically decoded over 180 frequencies inside the pyramid including the number that mathematician Peter Lemesurier calls the Great Number of Enlightenment! This has never been done before.

    We have found that these harmonics amplify thought or intention and make our thoughts and intentions very coherent, thus more powerful! Use these vibrations very carefully, and do not use them after an argument or fight!

    The first evidence of a lost ancient pyramid tonal scale comes from the Gnostic Christian Gospel of the Egyptians where Jesus speaks about 7 sacred vowels or tones to be repeated 22 times each. 22 divided by 7 is Egyptian Pi = 3.14285714285714 or the resolution of a circle. A resonantcircle is the basis for oscillating wave frequencies as single tones.

    David Sereda did the math to calculate the frequencies of the Great Pyramid from the sub terra base, the visible baseup to the capstone base!

    The tones are PERFECT, WITHOUT ANY DISTORTION/DISSONANCE, even if all the tones in the scale are played together simultaneously!!  No other modern musical scale can do this!!

    The Frequency of Capstone base in Square wave = 5151314.99931987507433 or 5.151 Megahertz Square

    This number is going to astound you!!!!!!!!

    The 51.51 is one of the the most secret and sacred of all numbers in creation!

    David Sereda’s discovery would be the best case of proof that the Great Pyramid was built by a technologically advanced civilization!